Shahrukh Khan’s Net Worth 2024: Age, Income

Shahrukh Khan's Net Worth

Shahrukh Khan’s net worth, an impressive $760 million, is a reflection of his stature as the ‘King of Bollywood.’

In this deep dive, we unravel how Shahrukh Khan's net worth has been built through SRK’s acting, production, and business ventures and how it positions him among the world’s richest actors.

Real Name Shahrukh Khan
Profession Actor
Father Mir Taj Mohammad Khan
MotherLateef Fatima
School St. Columba's school
CollegeHansraj Collage
Marital StatusMarried
Birth PlaceNew Delhi

Key Takeaways

  • Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth is estimated at $760 million, significantly accrued from his acting career, successful film production company, Red Chillies Entertainment, and various business ventures.
  • Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, contributes significantly to the couple’s wealth with her co-ownership of Red Chillies Entertainment and a thriving interior design business, with their combined net worth standing at INR 8,096 crores.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s extravagant lifestyle includes notable properties such as Mannat in Mumbai and the Jannat villa in Dubai, reflecting his eminence in the Indian cinema industry.

The Financial Reign of Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Tv Appearance

Known as the ‘King of Bollywood’, Shah Rukh Khan’s financial reign is as impressive as his acting career. With an estimated net worth of approximately $760 million (Rs 6327 crore), SRK is not only one of the richest actors in Bollywood but also among the world’s richest actors.

His wealth significantly stems from his adept acting skills and astute business ventures. For instance, his films like ‘Jawan’ and ‘Pathaan’ have generated significant profits, adding to Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth.

Apart from his acting career, SRK also owns a successful film production company, Red Chillies Entertainment. Here are some key facts about Red Chillies Entertainment:

  • It has an estimated net worth of approximately $28.24 million.
  • It has produced several successful films, including “Chennai Express” and “Raees”.
  • The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Mumbai, India.
  • Red Chillies Entertainment also has its own visual effects studio, which has worked on numerous Bollywood films.

This venture further solidifies Shah Rukh’s position in the Indian film industry, contributing to his net worth and setting him apart from his contemporaries like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth is not solely from his acting career and film production company. His annual income of ₹10,00,00,000.00 from acting and other business ventures, including Shah Rukh Khan, has played a significant role in making him the richest actor in Bollywood.

Undoubtedly, Shah Rukh Khan’s financial success illustrates his business savviness. From his blockbuster films to his prosperous production company, King Khan truly reigns supreme in the world of Indian cinema.

Gauri Khan's Contribution to the Power Couple's Wealth

Shahrukh khan and Gauri Khan

Behind every successful man, there’s a woman, and for Shah Rukh Khan, that woman is his wife, Gauri Khan. A successful businesswoman in her own right, Gauri Khan’s ventures significantly contribute to the couple’s combined net worth of INR 8,096 crores.

Gauri Khan is a co-owner of Red Chillies Entertainment. Her creative input and business acumen have been instrumental in the success of the company.

The company’s annual revenue falls within the range of INR 100 crore to 500 crore (approximately $13.5 million to $67 million). Gauri Khan’s annual income from Red Chillies Entertainment is estimated to be Rs. 48 crores.

In addition to her role in Red Chillies Entertainment, Gauri Khan also owns a successful interior design business. This venture has a valuation of over Rs 150 crores, further contributing to Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth and solidifying their position as one of Bollywood’s wealthiest couples.

Gauri Khan’s contribution to the couple’s wealth doesn’t end with her business ventures. Her involvement in various brand endorsements and other business ventures also adds to the power couple’s wealth.

To sum up, the cumulative net worth of the couple significantly benefits from Gauri Khan’s business ventures and her pivotal role in Red Chillies Entertainment.

From her successful interior design business to her role as a co-owner of Red Chillies Entertainment, Gauri Khan is an integral part of the power couple’s wealth.

Inside the Luxurious Life of Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan's Car Collection

Shah Rukh Khan’s wealth affords him a lifestyle that is nothing short of luxurious. His residence in Mumbai, known as Mannat, is a testament to his success in Indian cinema. Covering 1.5 acres, Mannat comprises three houses and is considered one of the most valuable properties owned by a Bollywood actor.

The architectural design of Mannat, a blend of vintage and contemporary styles, is the result of a collaboration between Gauri Khan and architect-and-designer Kaif Faqui. This mansion is more than just a house; it’s a symbol of Shah Rukh Khan’s journey from a humble beginning to becoming the King Khan of Bollywood.

In addition to Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan possesses a lavish villa, Jannat, in Dubai. Located on the K Frond of the Palm Jumeirah, the largest man-made island globally, Jannat spans across a 14,000 sq. ft plot featuring six bedrooms and an exclusive beach view.

Jannat is not just a house; it’s a symbol of luxury. The villa includes two remote-controlled garages that can house luxury cars like the Bentley Continental GT. The beach view, coupled with the range of luxurious amenities, makes Jannat a perfect representation of Shah Rukh Khan’s luxurious lifestyle.

Shah Rukh Khan’s extravagant lifestyle, marked by a vast Mumbai mansion, a lavish Dubai villa, and a collection of luxury cars, mirrors his illustrious career. It’s a testament to the success he has achieved in the world of Indian cinema and beyond.

The Khan Dynasty: Shah Rukh's Influence on Sports and Entertainment

Shah Rukh Khan’s influence extends beyond Bollywood, touching the world of sports and entertainment. He possesses the Kolkata Knight Riders franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), with a 55% stake through Red Chillies, and has been instrumental in rebranding the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) franchise Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel as the Trinbago Knight Riders.

Owned by Shah Rukh Khan, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) cricket team, along with its sister team, the Abu Dhabi Knight Riders, is valued at over USD 1.1 billion (equivalent to over Rs 9147 crore), reflecting his influence in the sports world and contributing to his Khan net worth.

Beyond sports, Shah Rukh Khan also influences the entertainment industry through his production company, Red Chillies Entertainment. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has launched a number of significant productions, including:

  • His successful films
  • Collaborations with other actors and directors
  • Television shows and web series
  • Music videos

Shah Rukh Khan’s roles as an actor, a sports team owner, and a film producer demonstrate his versatility and influence in both the sports and entertainment industries. His successful ventures in these fields further solidified his status as the King of Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan’s undeniable influence spans across sports and entertainment, evident through his IPL team, production company, and acting career. The Khan Dynasty, as one might call it, is a testament to SRK’s versatility and business acumen.

Charitable Ventures and Social Impact

Shahrukh Khan's Social Appearances

Despite their affluence and renown, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan remain connected to their roots. They are involved in various philanthropic efforts, showcasing their commitment to giving back to society.

The Meer Foundation, led by Shah Rukh Khan, is dedicated to promoting holistic development by offering nutritional guidance, health awareness sessions, and educational support for children. In addition, the foundation is committed to empowering and uplifting women who have been victims of acid attacks.

Shah Rukh Khan has also made significant contributions to disaster relief efforts in India, including donations to the PM-Cares fund, the Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund in Kerala, and the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund during the Chennai floods.

Similarly, Gauri Khan has been actively supporting social causes and involved in charitable endeavors, with a particular focus on areas such as education, health, and the empowerment of individuals. Their charitable ventures not only contribute to society but also add a humane touch to their envious wealth and lifestyle.

Shahrukh Khan's Car Collection.

Some of the notable vehicles in his collection include the Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce Phantom, BMW i8, and several Mercedes-Benz models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the No. 1 richest actor in India?

The No. 1 richest actor in India is Shah Rukh Khan, who is also among the top 5 richest actors in the world.

Is Srk richer than Ambani?

No, Ambani's net worth is about 135 times bigger than Shahrukh Khan's. Therefore, Ambani is richer than Srk.

What is Shah Rukh Khan's net worth?

Shah Rukh Khan's estimated net worth is approximately $760 million (Rs 6327 crore). As of now, he is one of the richest actors in the world.

What is Gauri Khan's role in Red Chillies Entertainment?

Gauri Khan is a co-owner of Red Chillies Entertainment and has played a key role in the company's success through her creative input and business acumen.

Where are Shah Rukh Khan's residences?

Shah Rukh Khan has residences in Mumbai and Dubai, owning Mannat in Mumbai and Jannat in Dubai.


From Shah Rukh Khan’s impressive acting career and business ventures to Gauri Khan’s significant contributions and their shared philanthropic efforts, the couple’s influence extends far beyond the film industry.

Their luxurious lifestyle, underpinned by their successful businesses and their commitment to giving back to society, is a true testament to their journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of Bollywood’s most influential power couples.

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