11 Facts about India you may not know

India – the land of diversity, will welcome you with open arms anytime and anywhere. India is the seventh largest country in the world and also is one of the most influential countries as well. In short India is no less that a Kaleidoscope of varied culture, religion, places and so on. Knowing this vast pool of knowledge all at once is nearly impossible. So today, we have come up with few facts you may not know about India.

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11 facts that you may not know about India

USB was invented from India

Ajay. V. Bhatt was the man behind developing the Universal Serial Bus in India for the first time. He is an Indian an born American computer architect who also developed several vividly used technologies like AGP, PCI Express and many others.

USB was invented from India

Calculus and trigonometry took birth in India

Talking about mathematics in a world view level, no profound individual denies to remember the contribution of India in the world of mathematics. In India, mathematics took birth at around 1200 BC. Eminent contributors of that age were Aryabhata, Varahamihira and few others. The decimal number system that is used today was invented here. Even the sine and cosine was developed here.

Calculus and trigonometry took birth in India

Buttons were invented in India

Yes you read it right – the buttons in your shirt- they were invented right from this place named India. In different geometric shapes, these buttons were used during Indus valley civilisation. In between the shapes, holes were carved so that they can be attached with clothes.

11 facts you may not know about India

India produces the largest number of movies

You say Bollywood – anyone can say yeah you are talking about India. Cinema is extremely popular in India. It depicts the people of this land, their culture, thoughts, perspectives, religion, problems and what not. It can be said that Indian cinema is the mirror of India and India produces the largest no of films in the whole world.

facts you may not know about India

Samosa is not an Indian dish

In most places of India, an evening chit-chat with a plate full of samosa and chutney is not an unfamiliar thing. But surely this would surprise you that samosa is never an Indian dish. They came with the Arabs while they invaded India and now Indians have reinvented the dish with their own spice and thus giving an Indian touch.

Samosa is not an Indian dish 11 facts you may not know about India

World’s highest cricket pitch here in India

Many amongst us are well aware of the beauty and the tranquillity of Himachal Pradesh. But it must be great to know that India owns the world’s highest cricket ground here in Himachal in a hill station named Chail amidst the scenic beauty.

facts that you may not know about India

Rain, rain – Everywhere in Meghalaya

Mawsynram, a village on the Khasi hills in Meghalaya receives the highest recorded average rainfall in the whole world. Rain is nothing new here. And everyday rain is something so regular here.

Facts about India that you don't know

16th century shampoo from India

Shampooing was invented in India: Much before the concept of shampoo amalgamated with much of chemicals, people used to shampoo their hair with herbs and natural ingredients. These natural shampooing agents had their own natural fragrances that used to nourish the hair and stay for longer times.

Facts about India that you still don't know

In India, Kumbh Mela is visible from space

The largest religious gathering in the entire world can be seen from the space. One can thus imagine that how diverse and how much people gather here during those days. This mela takes place after every twelve years and takes the people up to the way to the Ganges. Ritualistic practices, devotional singing and religious sentiments are portrayed here vividly.

In India, Kumbh Mela is visible from space: facts of India

Gir forest polling station at every election

While we talk about voting and democracy, India cannot her face from this. Time and again, in the Gir forest, every year a polling station is set up for a single voter to issue its right to vote. This person is the only resident of the Gir forest and votes for 2004 without a miss.

11 facts about India you may not knowc

The intangible tie of Yoga and India

These days yoga is a word that every mouth speaks off. Many places throughout the world have started practicing the art of yoga in their own lives to improve and nourish their health and well being. Thus talking so much about Yoga, it might seem surprising to know that yoga was invented in India itself, thousands of year back.

11 facts about India you may not know

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So these were the 11 facts that you may not know about India, next time when you visit India make sure you keep these facts in your mind. I am sure you might not be aware of most these facts about India. Share these facts of India with your social circle via Facebook & WhatsApp, also, subscribe to Full2hootiyappa for more interesting posts like these.

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