12 Myths and Misconceptions about Vegetarian food

We all have at some point of our life or other must have fought over the fact that who is better, vegetarians or non vegetarians?” Right! This is the most disputed question of all times. But there is no such things as who is better because each of them has their own diet plans and each one of them get same nutrients and proteins from the food they consume. The difference just lies in numbers of calories, nothing else. So talking about vegetarians, many people have a number of misconceptions regarding vegans diet. So this article will surely help you out with clearing these myths and misconceptions about vegetarian food. But before coming to that, you all must be aware of some facts about the vegetarians like vegetarianism is most likely to be linked with people of ancient India. In fact, even today, Indians account for about 70% of world’s vegetarian population.

12 Myths and Misconceptions about Vegetarian food

Many people are vegetarian for various reasons like religious beliefs, or for meat free diet and many more. It has been observed from various studies that people who have vegetarians lifestyle live longer than the non-vegetarians. So these are certain facts about vegetarians that are true and many people might not be aware of them. Instead they are aware of all the misconceptions about vegetarian food  and we will help you to clear them and get to know the real facts.

Myths and Misconceptions about Vegetarian food

So following is the list of 12 myths and misconceptions about vegetarian food. This will help you know about vegetarian diet better and you will feel amazed to know the real facts behind vegetarian food.

12 Myths and Misconceptions about Vegetarian food

A vegan diet is restricted diet

This is absolutely a myth that there is restrictions in the vegan diet. Instead you can try so many plant based diet and different cuisines based on them and you will get many benefits out if it.

Vegan Food is boring

Food gets only boring when you make it boring. Vegans can be really creative in the kitchen such as using one ingredient for many different meals. For example, scrambled tofu for breakfast, loaded crispy tofu tacos for lunch and for dinner you can have lasagna. It’s not over yet guys. If you want to have a sweet dish to complete your day on good note, you can make chocolate pie made of tofu for dessert. And this is how one ingredient , in so many different forms will make your whole day meal and it won’t get boring at all. So it can be said with utmost certainty that vegan food is quite different, experimental and fun.

Your workout will suffer

This is absolutely false. Because there are number of athletes who are vegans and have only vegan food in their diet.  Athletes like  Pat Reeves, Andy Lally, Austin Aries Harri Nieminem and many such athletes are totally on vegan diet and still they are at the top of their respective games. So vegan food does not affect your workout or physic. It’s just a myth that it does. Do not believe it as you will get the required nutrients from vegan diet as well.

Vegetarian diets are always low in fat

A well balanced vegetarian diet includes healthy fats from foods like olive oil, peanut butter, nuts and seeds. It’s just that you need to know which food is rich in fats and consume them and know the difference between good fat and bad fat. Do not consume anything without knowing it’s effects.

Vegetarians are iron deficient

Being iron deficient is not confined to vegetarians only. Even non vegetarians can be iron deficient. It just depends on your diet. Even if you are vegetarians you can consume items which are rich in iron and there will not arise any such situation of iron deficiency.  Spinach, tofu, beans etc are examples that vegetarian food is rich in iron as well.

Guaranteed weight loss

Again a widely known myth that switching to vegetarian food will help you reduce your body weight. Even if you have left eating meat but you are still eating highly processed vegetarian food, you will definitely not get any change in your body and the results will be nil. So when you leave your non veg food, make sure plant based food, not processed junk food ,should take its place.

Meatless diets are not safe for pregnant women

One should not make any changes in their diet plans when pregnant. But if you have been a vegan, than it is found that women who know good plant based diet are less likely to gain excessive pregnancy pounds , reducing her risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

Vegetarian Food is expensive

Everyone should know this that non vegetarians have to spend a lot more than vegetarians as meat is expensive product and even if you are going for organic plant based food, it will still cost u less than the meat. So vegetarians spends lesser than the non vegetarians, no matter how much expensive vegan food gets.

You'll always be hungry

This happens only when you are not having proper diet. Proper diet means having every nutrient in right amount. Neither excess of anything nor lack of anything.  And if you don’t want to feel hungry , that means you need to have more of fiber, protein and healthy fats. So whenever feeling hungry , grab a handful of nuts. It will provide you a good combo of all these nutrients.

Your body will get devoid of proteins

Meat does not have monopoly over proteins right!  There is some amount of proteins present in all forms of food except sugar and alcohol.  In fact, an ounce of meat and a half cup of beans possess same amount of protein.  So if you have nuts, beans, milk and seeds in your diet, you will never get protein deficient.

You have to eat fake meat

Meat substitutes are full of sodium, preservatives and additives, therefore it is healthier to eat just the real thing as vegetarianism doesn’t always have to be all or nothing.

You'll be less energetic

Vegetarians mostly have more energy, when they cut the processed food from their diet. And if you energy level drops that means you are not getting enough Vitamin B12 or iron and this I not restricted to vegetarians only. Even non vegans can lack this. So eat more items that contains iron and vitamins and you will never get out of energy.

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So above were 12 misconceptions and myths about vegetarian food that people often have for people who take vegan diet. Just believe the real facts and not these myths and misconceptions.

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