14 Ways to stay Healthy during the Rainy Season

how to stay healthy in rainy season

How to stay healthy in rainy season is one of the most important question? Monsoon has arrived to give us some relief from the scorching heat and cools down the temperature. Monsoon are highly important as it helps in weather changes and modifications and bring variation in the lifestyle of each person. It brings a lot of freshness from the daily lethargic routine due to such high temperature. But along with all the madness and freshness of monsoon, there comes a lot of humidity too at times which creates a lot of infectious diseases and  they may just ruin your monsoon season. Safety tips during rainy season needs to be took up to so that you can be safe in rainy season.

14 Ways to stay Healthy during the Rainy Season

So why wait for the disease and then cure it. You all must have heard the very famous worldwide saying “Precaution is better than cure”. So, follow this and get aware of all the precautions available which can be taken this monsoon to protect your loved and dear ones. So following is the list of 14 ways to stay healthy during the rainy season.

14 Ways to Stay Healthy during the Rainy Season

Always carry your umbrella and raincoats

This is very important step as getting wet in rain will bring you a loads of infections and in order to protect yourself against them, you need to protect yourself from getting wet in rain. So always carry umbrella and raincoats whatever you have as you never know when it will rain.

Take shower after getting wet in rain

So even if you got wet in rain, no need to worry. You should take a shower even after being wet in rain as that water will remove many infections that may arise out of rain water. Rain water carries many germs which can cause various infectious disease.

Sip hot drinks

After taking shower, dry yourself well and wear dry clean clothes and drink some hot tea, coffee or milk and protect yourself against cold. Taking hot drinks will help you in keeping your body warm.

Intake Vitamin C

You should increase your intake of Vitamin C in order to increase your immunity strength to fight against cold and infections.  Try to eat as many items as you can to increase your inner strength to fight against cold causing germs.

Avoid outside food

Try to eat home-made food and avoid eating outside food as during monsoon a lot of unhygienic ways of making food an hygienic sources. Eating healthy food will prevent you from any infectious disease due to food and will help in building up your immunity.

Insect Repellents

Monsoon brings with itself a lot of creatures, reptiles and insects and they create a lot of problems for everyone, especially the kids who always roam on the floor and plays at corner of the house, which is a breeding place of insects. So to protect your kids from such problems, use insect repellents throughout the season.

Make drainage system of house well before monsoon begins

This is yet another important step towards healthy life as, if water gets collected at anywhere in the house, it will become a breeding place for the mosquitoes and other worms which will cause a lot of problems for your family.

Avoid touching your face and eyes

Avoid touching your eyes and face with your hands as germs  enter your body through eyes, nose and mouth very easily. So try avoiding these things in order to keep yourself healthy. This is a precaution which has to be taken in rainy season.

Damp walls : Severe risks

Damp walls are breeding place for fungus and these will create skin related problems as soon as you get in touch with it. So try to protect yourself against such problems causing germs.

Avoid tight clothing

Fungus in monsoon just need two things to grow, one is humidity and other is heat. So tight clothing will create this atmosphere and hence fungus causing problems will be evident.

Avoid going into Ac rooms to get dry

If you got wet in rain water, try avoiding going into rooms with AC as it will cause cold and will not be good for your health. Instead, change your clothes, dry yourself well and then enter such rooms.

Stop wearing wet clothes for long

Try not to wear wet clothes for long duration as it will cause a lot of skin related problems and can also get you catch cold.  So try avoiding such situations.

Do watch critically before buying leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables might contain some worms which might be dangerous to your body, so before buying such vegetables, have a close look at them. Also wash them properly before you cook them and eat them.

Water is the essential key

During Monsoon, people tend to forget about drinking enough water and that’s also one of  the main reasons as to why people get diseases. Drink plenty of water as it will remove all toxins from the body.

Enjoy this amazing weather with least possible changes of getting adversely affected by it by just following these ways. You should also keep in mind dos and doesn’t in rainy season. So above were 14 ways to stay healthy during the rainy season. By following these steps you will be able to protect not only yourself but your loved ones as well from getting so many disease that may arise due to weather change, water borne diseases and many more. So follow these 14 ways to stay healthy during the rainy season and enjoy the monsoon.

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