How To Clear CA Exam In First Attempt Like A Pro

How To Clear CA Exam In First Attempt Like A Pro

If you are a CA student or just 12th Passed out looking to Join CA(Chartered Accountancy), you might be looking for quick grasp as to how to Clear CA Exam in First Attempt. When i say clearing CA Exam in First Attempt then you may take it as passing all the attempts(CPT, IPCC(groups), Finals) in First Attempt. CA is undoubtedly a big course. The length of course is doubtlessly big. Due to this many leave it in the middle. If you are the one undergoing or wanting to undergo this course you need to be very specific about your internal managements. Apart from a good IQ, a consistent and well management of time and power is necessary to clear this course.

You have to be well managed till the exams are done. If you study before the exams well, and overlook the practice modules and show careless near the exams, you are inviting annoying scenario which may punish on the result date.

So without wasting any time let me show you top ways to clear CA Exam in First Attempt like A Pro.

How To Clear CA Exam In First Attempt Like A Pro


Confidence undoubtedly is the key to success but over confidence puts you in the unnecessary troubles. So be confident and avoid over confidence. If you 12th pass out with a good aggregate you surely will have huge confidence within you. So, make use of that confidence to clear CPT in the first attempt while not losing control over your emotions. Because Clearing CA is like a determination and psychological control. If you have a good control over yourself you will easily pass CPT in the very first Attempt.

Not to Leave the last mouthful

Never mistake to leave the last mouthful of study to complete at a later time. Many students mistake to do it. They just point all the big questions that are pretty hard and think they will cover it later. This is hazardous thing a student ever does. Take help from your teachers, your colleagues to solve the big problems you are struck at, as they can lead to unexpected results.

Stay Away From Positive Vibe

Ridiculous? Yes, you might think that everyone says stay away from negative people who could not clear CA and what you are saying. So, to pass the CA exams the both, negativity (fear of loss) and positivism (desire to win) play a better role. Some are negatively motivated and some positively. And to assure better success rate the mixture of two is important and excess of any is pretty risky. So, avoid too much negativity and too much of positivism while giving Positivism a priority. It is just like “Identification of problems is necessary to overcome them”

Inclination & Expectations

You like Photography, Cricket, Video Games? Most of students do like it. They have lots of expectations. Sometimes, you are inclined towards the IPL and sometimes you spend time in analyzing the country politics. They are setbacks. You can overcome only when you can identify them. Right? A signal should go towards you mind when you are indulged in an activity that performs outside of your main goal. Catch that signal, get alert, deviate and focus back to your goal.

I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep my expectations.”  ― Bill Watterson


Constant focus is key to success in CA exams. Your focus is necessary while reading, while understanding your lecturer speaking and while solving out some numerical. Some students take advice but don't perform thinking that its just lame and easy to be performed. They love dangers and challenging things in life so they better find to invite the Tsunami in exams. Your focus towards your aim makes you capable of overcoming all the difficulties around that main focus.

Create Short Goals

Everyone does it. Right? You create goals, make plans, prepare time tables and what not. Execute? 90% Fail. Yes, you heard it right. 90% Fail to execute the plans created by themselves. Interestingly, your plans when executed at the success rate of at least 80% you assurance of success in exams become as high as 77%. So, creating short goals is easy but performing, implementing and executing them is very essential. If you are CA student then you might have heard that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” However, I say that “Failing to execute, means no plan & a bad plan is 100 times better than a good plan not executed.” Give execution a priority over just making the plans, success will wait you.

Revision with Perfection

It is always recommended to Revise the course with perfection. To clear CA Exam in First Attempt it is necessary to make the revision strategy. Don't go over the completed part randomly to revise them. Revise the exam course with proper allocation of time, subjects and accuracy. Don't skip the revision until you are sure you revised properly. Make a sheet for such work as it will allow you to manage in a better way your progress about the revision.


Practicing the numerals at number of times is necessary to assure a better rate of success in the exams. Keep practicing all kind of problems. Check the revision test paper, take mock tests and everything that lets you strengthen your competence to solve problems with better accuracy in short time.


Continuity is very important to get success in the CA exams. If you want to clear CA exams in the very first attempt then you surely need to give continuity a due importance. Don't overjoy over the short victories and spend time in luxuries and be fooling yourself. Albeit, keep going and make sure you don't stop until the dusk. Remember the lines by Robert Frost, “Woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep & miles to go before I sleep.

Good Health

Maintaining good health is precious in order to perform well in the exams. You can lose by 20 to 50 percent if you overlook your health. Near exams it is recommended to take plenty of pure water and avoid junk food. Avoid tension before the exams and follow a steady plan till the exams are started. Maintaining Good health plays a vital role in passing CA exams in first attempt.

Segregate the Cramming Part

Mugging up the important things in exam is never a bad idea. It saves your time in the exam hall while allowing you more time to solve other questions. So, don't get ashamed if someone calls you “rattu”. However, to get the best result out of cramming you need to segregate what can be crammed. Now, make sure you cram all the cramming part before significant days of exams. It is better to prepare short notes of such part. Now at the time exams, you will have more confidence as a certain percentage of course has been like mugged up. Don't mistake to cram the numerals. Headings & sometimes between the lines are better content for mugging up. Always make sure that you understand very well whatever you have crammed.

Allot time for Hard Ones

If you have crammed most of the topics, you get automatically some extra time to solve the hard problems near exams and get an excellency to solve them quickly in the exam hall. However, in the quest of covering the hard ones and thinking it will automatically cover the short ones, you are deceiving yourself. So, Make sure you don't ignore the short problems too as they sometimes can have significant topic therein.

Don't socially isolate yourself

Socially isolating yourself can affect you psychologically so avoid to it. Rather take some time get in touch with your friends and families. Cool your mind and then get back to the job. Keep the clock of determination to pass CA in first attempt running inside you.

Don't Get Nervous

You lose the half battle if you are nervous. When you are nervous, the brain works very slowly and thinks about the unnecessary things at the moment instead of helping out to solve the problem in hand. So, in the exam hall it is pretty very necessary not to get nervous. To make it happen, you need to drink plenty of water, have proper diet, allow time to rest, don't ignore the sleep. However, you can do it only when you are well prepared before the exams are started.

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So, if you follow these ways strictly you can increase the possibility to clear CA Exam in First Attempt like a Pro. To get a big goal, you have to rely on hard work rather than talent. Most people are talented, but it is the hard that makes us different. Rely on your hard work and it will pay you off. Let's get in touch on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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