7 Ways you can make money playing PUBG Mobile

7 Ways you can make money playing PUBG

PLAYERUNKOWN'S  BATTLEGROUNDS is another breathtaking game by Tencent Games which has millions of players across the globe. The awesome gameplay and genuine battle experience of the game has attracted the gamer. The game is just not only addictive but also provides you with opportunities to earn money. If you are also an fervent player and want to earn money we are providing you with some best ways to make it happen. Here are some 7 Ways you can make money playing PUBG.

7 Ways you can make money playing PUBG

1. Online Tournaments

It is one of the free way to make money out of your skill. One has to just participate in the tournament's arranged by platforms like GamerzArena, FACEIT. All you need is game installed in your PC or mobile. Many pro players prefer these tournaments because they provide you with a decent pool prize which makes your effort worth.

2. Selling PUBG items for money

If you also have being playing game for a while and had collected battle points or purchased crates. You can sell them for some decent price . Thus most of the avid gamer keep track of newer crates and other valuable items . One can also sell them at websites like OPSkins and get good value of rare PUBG skins.


3. Becoming a PUBG streamer on YouTube

This is another way of making some money by playing the game. For the previous month's PUBG has been the most viewed game on YouTube. Being a PUBG streamer means streaming your gameplay on YouTube. This is an interesting way to earn while playing with your squad . You just need an OBS software easily accessible in the market. You can also record your interesting  gameplay and explore some tricks to your audience by uploading your videos on your YouTube channel. It would not earn you instantly but if you are skilled enough you can make a decent earning out of it.

4. Playing at LAN events for cash prize

If you are a veteran player and want to earn cash prizes playing some high competitive matches. There are many open LAN parties with huge cash prizes. Organizations like DreamHack open tournaments for PUBG. You can also sign-up for official PUBG Europe League which provides with millions of prize pools .


5. Affiliate Marketing

It is another way how pro players make money. As due to intense gameplay players use high-quality gadgets for better experience. Players refer these gadgets to their followers and earn great income via affiliated marketing. You can earn decent percentage of  commission on promoting different products.

6. Organizes game

If you have some PUBG buddies which are ready to bet on their gaming skills. Hosting game would be profitable as if you can take entry fees and enjoy the game too.

7. Playing through Telegram groups

There are many telegram group which host PUBG event having huge prizes. These groups are better for players with  better ranks as these completions aren't that difficult and can earn you better income.

These are some ways which can create win-win situation for you as being paid for having fun is the best thing ever. Thus earning would also make your skill and time worth investing. We hope you will find it worthful and earn some income from this thrilling experience.

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