10 Things to do while at home due to Corona Virus

It's obviously not only you or me facing the blunt of coronavirus (Covid-19) but also the whole world is in trouble and forced to work at home. Unfortunately, there are many who are not able to continue to work from home due to their job roles or profiles or profession.

However, you can watch this video to engage yourself while you are self quarantined and earn some money as well.

There is a great break on businesses such as restaurants, malls, art businesses like movies theatre, concerts and the list is countless that is suffering. But, the truth is that we don't have other options.

What is Coronavirus, how to prevent
Coronavirus: About, Contagion and Prevention

Now we are forced to stay at home, follow social distancing and support the world fighting with this novel disease that is causing death to thousands and threat to millions.

While, we are at home, assisting the government to fight corona, there are many things we can actually do.

10 Things to do while at home due to Corona Virus

Read or Write books

You can read some good books that can enhance your vocabulary. It can also help you develop communication skills and personality. You can write books as well if you have a good topic in mind.

Play puzzle games

Playing puzzle games will keep your mind active and away from distraction and boredom. There are many brainy puzzle games available on play store and AppStore that you can install and play.


So, if you are a person who never likes to stay at home then staying at home can be a little challenging. At the same, it can drastically affect your system. As such, it is advisable that you take some time to meditate and stay healthy.

Learn a new language

You can work on your native language, learn some phrases and idioms. This makes you an interesting personality among your colleagues. At the same, you can learn some new languages such as Spanish, French or German.

Learn a new skill

You can also learn some new skills amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Many online websites are providing great discounts on the courses. You can search for your best course on Udemy and learn it. Learning new skills always helps you in developing your career.

Write Blogs

You can also write blogs to spend your free time. This will keep you engaged and find some new ideas. Many people love to create and write blogs in free time.

Socialize Yourself

Due to our busy lives, we get disconnected from our friends and closed ones. This is a great opportunity to connect with your friends and socialize with them. However, keep in mind the preventions of coronavirus while you try to socialize. You can message them, WhatsApp them and rebuild the understanding and personalization.

Watch a movie with the family

When you watched a full movie last time with your family? A long time ago. Right? So, this time you can watch some good movies with your friends and families.

Teach your kids something new

Kids especially get panic when they see such situations arising in the entire nation or the world. This is the time to teach them the realities and help them counter with their fears. You can teach your kids something out of the books that may help them build their careers and understanding of life.

Make TikTok videos and go viral

Yes, it is surely the high time for those who love to create videos on YouTube or Tiktok. You can also create videos on Coronavirus educating the people about prevention.

So, these are 10 things to do while you are at home due to coronavirus pandemic.

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