Grand Theft Auto : vice city – A revolution in gaming?

Grand Theft Auto Vice city

Grand theft auto vice city game has been a revolution game of its era. It has won the hearts of millions at large. This game had complete fun and real-life gaming experience. I personally, used to play a lot and until I complete any mission, I did not leave it. Well, the game remained very popular and even nowadays its popularity has not decreased. The game was published by Rockstar north and published by Rockstar. The game works on approx all the platforms. It is surprising that within 24 hours of release GTA sold 500000 copies and within 2 days it reached 1.4 million copies sold.

GTA vice city Games achieved many awards from game publications. In 2004 this was the favorite game of approx all the gamers. The sounds, the graphics, 3D models and at least everything used in the game is perfect in this game due to which it got numerous nominations and awards.

I remember, in those days it was said.

“Ladka bigad gaya …to…… computer ki vajah se..Or  ….. computer bigad gaya to ………ladke ki vajah.”

Anyways, the game consists of many interesting missions. Talking about me, after finishing the missions I reinstalled the game and just used to play for time pass because I loved handling cars very much and arousing the cop, then I searched a place and selected the weapons by using nuttertools or thugstools or professionaltools and hitting them until helicopters came. That was pretty interesting and I can't forget the day when we (as I played with my cousins and brother altogether) used to drive Panzer and increased the dollars.. oh yeah.. dollars buddy. Flying cars with “comeflywithme” and driving down the water using “seaways” was pretty cool.

Anyways, the game is now being played on smartphones as I see, and it's equally interesting.

Have you any experience? Share with us.

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