Zero Movie Best Memes Surfacing On The Internet

With the release of the trailer, Zero movie has got huge attention by the viewers. The movie trailer released on the birthday of Actor Shahrukh Khan. Up to now, the zero movie trailer has garnered around 70millions of views on the Youtube with 90% above like ratio.

According to the sources, the movie took a huge time to complete. In an interview with Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif said that this was a very challenging movie for them as they did really the adverse of what they were known for or they did something going outside of the comfort zone. Disagreeing to this Shahrukh says it was pretty easy for him as he had already done vfx movies. They added that they were very keen to be the part of this movie.

With such attention and craze, the viewers have started trolls and entertaining memes which are taking speed. Zero movie memes have become the hot topic these days. So, here we have some best Zero Movie Memes surfacing on the internet.

Best Zero Movie Memes

This is Hilarious af.

When Shahrukh is being Vijay Malya

When Apple addicts notice the new release.

When you see your digital crush first time.

That reaction of a pre engineer photographer.

And the last one.😅

These are some of the memes on Shahrukh's Zero Movie surfacing on the Internet. Hope you enjoyed them. Share the post with your friends and let them enjoy too, yeah.. let them too. Shared..?

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