Why should You keep away from WhatsApp and Messenger?

We spend countless time on chating with friends on social media. Chating on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and other social media platforms has become our habit, but do you know that this addiction has become a headache for many.

Yes, Seriously!

There are like many people who find it easy to start a conversation via the social media platforms. Which is good to some extent, however, be it professional or informal, when it comes to starting a conversation(here I am referring to talking to someone you have never talked before) you must not spend all your fucking time in text conversations.

# Reasons?

There are many reasons as to it as follows.

Emotionally Challenged

Keeping aside the professional framework, you are emotionally challenged when talking the first time to the strangers. You exactly don't know what the other person will appreciate. You keep being foolish at times just to know the pulse of the other end. Text conversation sucks!

However, some are experts! You just need to give them a hint, no matter who the fuck you are, you can never ever win the argument. Here I am talking about those well-versed creatures who are perfect conversationalists, they can turn the boring conversation into the attentive conversation, they take the conversation to another level ! You can find some of them in your groups, in your friend list or it may be even you!

You are still a Stranger

Your five-minute conversation with the person on the face is way more dominant than that of done for weeks via texts. It is all because of the personal touch, facial gestures, emotional presence, quick feedback, quick rectification, and body language.

Text conversations don't convey them. So don't be the stranger while being in touch. Exceptions exist! (People use emojis nowadays, you can't count how long the person is laughing at the sad quote. LOL)

Lack of Personal Touch

Text conversations lack the personal touch when talking to the person the first time. On the adverse, direct call or face conversation does possess the element of personal touch.

What to Do then?

In order to make the conversation go seamless, friendly and result oriented you should come to a point where you may meet the stranger, call him/her or something via which you can exchange

ideas, values some better way. After the first meeting, you will feel the change.

On the professional grouds, it is equally important. Being on the text you can not discount the things, know the pulse, know the market and a lot, whereas, meeting people with related professions you can reach to the meaningful goals and actually find some ways and more.

This all is about the first meeting and conversation. Once you met the person the first time you can continue with text conversation or any conversation.

Many successful people that you find around yourself don't waste their time on a text conversation with random and new people.

Advantages Of Text Conversations

It would be ruthless to say text conversation is of no avail. Text conversations are at times very important because of the following reasons.


Sometimes, you can say what you can't say the person in front. It gives the freedom to share ideas and say whatever you want. For some people, the first meetup with the opposite sex can be devastating, weird and horrible. The only reason for this is Freedom. Adversely, it is not the case with text conversations. However, you need to make sure that you don't leverage the Freedom.


Apart from that, the conversation remains as a draft which can be accessed anytime. It also remains as a reminder for some occasions.

Saves Time

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Text conversation also saves a lot of time for you. You can talk to several people at a time be it your friend, boss, colleague or wellwisher.

Over To You

It all depends on the situation as to whether you need to do texts or go for direct conversations. However, considering the point that being a stranger you are less valuable to the person, you should arrange a meetup. Interestingly, even a first meet can change the results of dice. Hope you understood the meaning of this article and will implement in your further life.

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