Why #Fartgate Is Trending on Twitter and Social Media

On Twitter, the hashtag #fartgate started to trend everywhere on Tuesday. After the #fartgate hashtag trending on Twitter, thousands of people are debating over a short video that is shared of U.S. Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell.

Everything started when that short video went viral in which Eric Swalwell can be heard crossing live on th eMSNBC show that is called “Hardball”.

Which completing his sentence a loud voice can be heard when the Eric stops for a while and it is very distinct and clear. This is how #fartgate opens up and the hashtag #fartgate starts to trend on twitter this Tuesday.

People at twitter can never leave a situation like this and thousands of memes are rolling on #fartgate. Below are the few memes that would make you laugh for sure.

Here is how one would react listening to Eric.

So, these were some of the memes that were getting viral on #fartgate hashtag. If you liked this post you can subscribe to our newsletter to get out of the box best content right in your inbox. You can also follow us on our social media channel.

So, let me know in comments section as to what do think about #fartgate. Whether it was Eric Swalwell's fart or something else resembling a fart sound.

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