What was the reaction of Ranveer Singh after watching Baahubali 2

Baahubali 2:The conclusion has broken the records and that is quite evident. The editors the makers left no stone unturned in making this movie far better than before. Ranveer singh appreciated the movie and the Film-maker on twitter in his style


The filmmaker took no time in replying his tweet and thanked the “baajirav mastani” star Ranveer Singh.



Reaction of other stars

Other stars also appreciated the movie and its star casts, film maker, film members this way.

Rishi kapoor wrote in his own way , said ,” “BAHU”t “BALI”yaan chadengi filmon ki to match this film's triumph and business. An Indian Celebration. Glad am part of this business of films.



Varun Dhavan showed his happiness through his kind words and said,” The movie shows the world what indian cinema is. Felt so proud watching the film



Anupam Kher declared the movie to be the Magnificent hit and said,” The movie is Grand & Magnificent. It's so Brilliantly told. Visually Stunning. Everybody is so good. Indian Cinema ki Jai Ho.:)


Abhishek Bachchan loved the movie very much and congratulated the entire teem of Baahubali.


On the occasion Ranjnikant the superstar called the movie as Indian cinema's pride.


Baahubali 2 : The conclusion has become the first Indian movie which has crossed the juggling figure of Rs. 1000 crore globally.

These were some reactions of stars as to how they reacted after watching the visually stunning and well structured movie Baahubali 2 : The coclusion. Please share your views also over this movie in the comment section below.

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