How To Unfreeze Your Instagram Account in 2022

How To Unfreeze Your Instagram Account

Instagram is an online photo, and video sharing platform. Users are allowed to edit photos, reels, and short videos via their mobile device and also from the desktop web app. Instagram is the most popular photo and short video-sharing social networking site. If you are updating your Instagram continuously for a short interval of time, then there is a chance of unfreezing your Instagram account. It is an American photo and video sharing platform founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in April 2012.

Date launched6 October 2010
AwardsShortly Awarded for Apps
DeveloperMeta, Mike Krieger
Original AuthorMeta, Mike Krieger
NominationsShortly Awarded for Apps, Teen Choice Award for Choice Social Network
Programming LanguagePython

Basic Terms to use Instagram

  • Users must be 13 years old or older than this.
  • Any activity that occurs under your screen name, you will be responsible for that.
  • Keeping your password secure is your responsibility.
  • You can not adapt, modify or hack Instagram.
  • You can not use Instagram for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.
  • Only you will be responsible for your conduct or any data, text, information, screen names, graphics, photos, audio, video, or a profile that you have submitted.

At $1 billion in 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook. 1 billion users are active monthly on Instagram. Every second, 995 photos are uploaded to Instagram. More than 4.2 billion likes happen on Instagram every day.

According to the survey, 31.2% of Instagram users are 25-34 years old, of which 16.4% are male, 14.8% users are female. 31 % are 18-24 years old, of which 17.9% of users are male and 13.1% of users are female.

Users can control their deeds with favorites and the following Sometimes your Instagram feed is full of photos and videos of people you’ve followed and suggested posts and more, but now Instagram will let you choose those posts and videos on your feed according to your recommendations.

Benefits of Instagram for personal use

Instagram is a simple version of Facebook. Instagram has many benefits, like marketing your content, making money, easy sharing photos and videos, branding your business, free tools will help succeed, engagement is easy, impressive filters.

More than 25 million business users use Instagram.

Things you should know about Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful way to connect with people. Instagram’s engagement level is high compared to other social channels.

  • Tell your story on Instagram.
  • Plan Instagram content before posting.
  • Put organized hashtags.
  • Brand it up (for business account).

Features of Instagram

  • Get post notifications from people you follow.
  • Tag people on your posts, or you can remove tags yourself from people’s posts.
  • Clear Instagram history anytime you want.
  • See Instagram posts that you like.
  • Edit Instagram posts of yours like a pro.
  • Useless data while using Instagram.
  • Make multiple accounts from one Instagram account.
  • Create photo collages.
  • Filter Instagram comments.
  • Hide your Instagram stories, or you can mute stories from certain users.

How to know whether your Instagram account is freezing or not?

According to Instagram

The number of likes in your post and reels is decreasing by a huge amount. That means your Instagram is frozen.

Is Instagram safe?

Yes. Instagram is 100% safe to use. There are protecting privacy and safety tools on Instagram. Users can start using it by keeping their accounts private. Then only those people can see or comment on your photos and videos that you have approved, it’s safe until you never post or share your login information with those whom you don’t trust. Your message and calls are in end-to-end encryption, that nobody can see or listen to what you’ve sent or said.

Why Instagram Accounts get Frozen

There can be many situations attributing to the Instagram account freezing. If you are:

  • inactive for a long time,
  • don’t interact with other people’s posts,
  • use third-party services to boost Instagram likes or followers,
  • follow many accounts in less time,
  • violate any community guidelines

then, there are chances that your account will get frozen. However, if you think that such a freeze by Instagram was a mistake then you can definitely take the steps to unfreeze your Instagram account.

Steps to unfreeze Instagram account:-

  • Take a screenshot of your Instagram account profile,
  • Another screenshot of reels you have uploaded,
  • One more screenshot of previous reels and posts that you have uploaded on Instagram.

Go to settings > click Help > click on report a problem > click on report a problem.

How to Unfreeze Instagram Account

Now, here you can write to the Instagram team about how you feel your account is frozen and why you think it should not be frozen. You can write:

Hello Dear Instagram Team,
This is my Instagram account. I feel that my account has been frozen because my posts are not reaching the people who follow me or usually like my content.
I’ve sincerely followed all your terms and condition. However, it looks like my account has been frozen by mistake. Views are not growing on every video I am posting. So please take a look and help me. I hope you can solve my problem quickly.
Thank you so much!

Now, upload those screen shorts that you have taken.

Then submit it and wait for the action.

New Features on Instagram

Instagram has a variety of features, and that is more than enough for us, but still, there are more new features added to it. You can edit the media you have uploaded with filters, location information, and hashtags. You can make your profile public or private. That means you can decide who will go through your Instagram. You can borrow other photos and videos by searching for hashtags.

How to Make sure your Instagram Doesn’t Freeze

Once your account is unfrozen, you need to make sure that you follow all the community guidelines, and don’t post explicit content, vulgar content, insensitive content, or any content that is abusive in nature. Also, make sure that you don’t trust the untrusted applications or services that contend to boost your likes or followers.

Many of these apps take permissions from you and do the like, comments, and follow on your behalf. This kind of activity is suspicious in nature for Instagram and it can take action. Most often it temporarily blocks your account for a few days as a warning, however, it can also block your account or unfreeze or shadowban your account.

Over to You

So, this is how you can identify and submit a report to unfreeze your Instagram account. I hope, that the next time you upload content, you are aware of the policies of Instagram. After all, it is a public content sharing platform that prohibits its use of it for unfair advantages.

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