The Most Awaited Biopic : PM Narendra Modi

Movies for a very long time have been one of the most important media of entertainment. The Indian film industry has been one of the most film-producing industries in the world. Thousands of movies are being produced. There are different genres of movies be it comedy, action, romantic, or tragedy. All movies leave a great impact on their audience. Some movies provide a great knowledge of issues that we generally don’t talk about. Some movies portray the stories of our glorious history.

But no matter what genre it is, every movie's main aim is to entertain the audience. Nowadays it can be seen that a particular trend is being followed in the film industry. The trend of “biopics”. Recently, many biopics can be seen be it biopic of cricketers, politicians, freedom fighters, or social activists. All the biopics shows the struggle of these people. These movies inspire youth to learn from their lives. Be it the richest person or the poor slum dwellers, everyone has their own struggles of life.

Similarly, a very controversial biopic is on its way of release. The biopic for which most of the audience is waiting for is the biopic of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. It is going to release on April 5th ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

This biopic will reveal different phases of Modi's life and how he changed his life from being a tea vendor to the PM of a country. It will also reveal the obstacles he had to face while being the chief minister of Gujarat and then as the PM of the country. The role of Narendra Modi is being performed by actor Vivek Oberoi and in the poster of the biopic, it can be seen that he is just not looking like himself.

A lot of hard work and dedication has been given by him for his role as he has to portray someone who is being followed so much and always remains in the news. Many people are praising the posters and trailers but there are many people who are just criticizing it as well. So whether the movie did justice to the actual life of Narendra Modi or not, it will be seen on April 5th,  till then nothing can be said with utmost certainty whether the movie is good or not.

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