16 Summer Diets that will protect your Kid from Weight gain

List of 16 summer diet that will protect your Kid from Weight gain

Summer foods to eat are generally the best things during the summer. Because summers gives you all a good vacation time and you can cultivate new habits into your daily routine. We all know that although summers gives us vacations and delicious summer food to eat but it also harms our bodies in million ways because of such high temperature. If you are out, you can get problems like dehydration very easily. So along with enjoying the summers, you need to take a very good care of yourselves. We are also aware of the fact that because of high temperature, parents generally tends to stop their kids from going out and playing because they don’t want them to get affected by such problems. And nowadays, even children themselves resist to go out as they can play games on their smartphones and electronic gadgets. For kids, it is important to make a summer diet and exercise plan. So all day long sitting and playing on electronic gadgets obviously is very dangerous as it will make the kids lethargic and it will harm them in several other ways as well. So here we have come up with few summer diets that will protect your kid from weight gain. 

16 Summer Diets that will protect your Kid from Weight gain

They can get many problems like obesity, eye weakness, headache, and many more. Because body needs movement and they should better go outside and indulge themselves into outdoor activities. So this article will reveal that what diet must be followed this summer in order to prevent your kid from gaining weight in excess. And this diet will surely help them out in creating more energy and efficiency. If the parents will follow some good summer diet plans for their kids, they will surely protect their kid from weight gains. Kids should be healthy, but they should not gain excessive weight than what is required at their age. As this is not a sign of healthy person but sign of disease called obesity. This problem is very much common in growing kids as this the time when their body will get the right growth.

List of 16 summer diet that will protect your Kid from Weight gain


Tomatoes must be included in their daily diet as it contains many anti-oxidants and is good for the body. Not only this, it also contains beneficial phytochemicals such as lycopene, which helps fighting chronic disease like cancers. Tomatoes will surely help your kid to protect from weight gain.


This summer fruit is best for the kids bodies, as it contains water which is very much required for bodies in summer. Because of its high water level capacity, it also keeps your stomach full for a long time therefore, you will not feel hunger and hence would eat less.


One of the favorite summer food which is a must for everyone as it is full of protein and will give nutrients to your body and will make you feel full for a while, therefore no over-eating.

Blackberries and Raspberries

Berries are great source of fiber. Fiber is really important for the body and the growing kids. They can also be included in diet but they turn to be really expensive in off seasons.

Green Tea

So If you are looking for some drinks which can be included in your summer diet without giving you problems like weight gain, then green tea is the option for you. Include this in your diet and you will feel refreshed.


Avacado are rich source of proteins and fibers and it must be included in your summer diet plan for kids in order to enhance your kids diet plan. It can be consumed along with nuts, making it even a better idea.

Milk and dairy products

Milk and other dairy products must be part of your summer diet plan as these are good source of various nutrients that your body needs. Calcium is the main element of these products and is very much required for growing kids. They are heavy as well there by reducing the urge to eat more.


Best vegetables to be eaten in summer can taken in the form of salad. Feed your kids a delicious salad made from the veggies they love to eat and also include those, who they resist to eat as they are also required for his growth. Healthy yet light weight food is a must for summer diet plan.


Cherries are also sweet and delicious summer food that are must for every one's summer diet and it is a good source of various nutrients as well.

Iced coffee

A fresh rejuvenating start of the day comes from a light weighted iced coffee and this must be a part of your summer diet plan as kids will love it too and it also helps fight disease like skin cancer. Iced Coffee will help you in summer to keep your body cold.


Yet another healthy food with less calories and tasty as well. Include this in your daily diet and you will find many delicious recipes over Internet. So try them and make food interesting.


Cucumbers are highly recommended food for summers as it contains high water level and it is a must for every summer diet plan. Not only it is refreshing but also contains number of nutrients which are essential for your kid.


Strawberries are again very delicious as well as full of nutrients. You should include this as evening snack for your kids instead of the junk food and they will surely love it.


Peaches are great source of vitamin and beta carotene, both of which are essential for strengthening immune system and helping in weight loss. So this is also a must for every plate on summers.


Beans are rich in fiber and therefore are essential for growing kids to enhance their immunity system. Make delicious dishes out of this amazing ingredient and make your summers more delicious.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves are highly recommended for summers as they help your stomach cool down in such high temperatures, thereby reducing many stomach related problems in summers. So do include this in your summer diet plan.

Summer Diets that will protect your Kid from Weight gain

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So above given are 16 best summer foods that will help protect your kid from weight gain. Do include these amazing ingredients in your dishes this summer and give your kid the right growth direction.

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