Signs that show your partner likes you but does not love you

Love is a very complicated feeling. Sometimes people confuse infatuation with love. Nowadays relationships are just going weird. You can see almost every second person is in relationship. But being in relationship is way more different than being in love. There may be chances that two people are in relationship but not in love.

Signs showing your partner likes you but does not love you

They just misunderstood like with love. Maybe they both like each other a lot but they don’t love each other or one of them doesn’t love. So here this article will help you to know Signs that show your partner likes you but does not loves you. No one wants to hear this that your partner only likes you and not love you when you are giving your cent percent to them. But facing the truth is much better than living in fantasies.

Signs that show your partner likes you but does not loves you:

1. Not giving their full efforts to solve a problem

This is a very clear evidence that if someone loves you they will do anything that takes them to do to solve the problems of relationship. They won’t run away from it or blame you only for all the wrong that is happening. Instead will try to find solutions for the benefit of both. 

2. Family Meetings

When someone loves you they won’t find excuses to not meet your family members but if they only like you they will find different excuses not to do it as they are still not sure about you. This doesn’t happens in love right!

3. “Still Figuring the relationship” stage

If your partner is still figuring the relationship where it is going and is not ready to talk about it a lot that means they are just highly attracted towards you and not in love with you. Because if they did, they won’t be figuring out where the relationship is going.

4. Neglecting small things

A person who really loves you will find many small reasons to love you and make you smile but the person who just likes you will not care about the small things that you like or the small things that will be bothering you. If you need to tell them everytime what is bothering you, that means they don’t find you important enough to remember the small details about you.

5. Priorities defined

A person who loves you will make you his/ her priority always. They won’t give that place to someone else but if he/she only likes you they won’t think of keeping you as their priority.

6. Emotional intimacy missing

It may happen that you two hang out a lot and feel happy with each other but something is missing and that most probably would be emotional intimacy.  Maybe you are not emotionally connected with each other. Maybe they don’t support you emotionally to that level and this happens when they like you only and not love you.

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So these were some signs that show your partner likes you but does not loves you.These will help you out to get cleared and rid of confusion.

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