How Sehwag Earned 30 Lakh Rupees from Twitter

The time when people were busy in long ATM and Bank queues to withdraw cash and change their old 500 and 1000 notes into the new currency of 2000 Rs notes, Sehwag, with his wit made around 30 lack rupees.

And it is surprising as it was all from Twitter.

You can't say he was lucky that he made that money just from twitter because behind all this there was the power of his increasing popularity and still increasing 7 million followers. Moreover, the current profession of a commentator is giving him a wide area to think and tweet about the current affairs.

He specially used to share the jokes he used to crack when he was the part of playing eleven of team India. Those jokes stood very funny and new for the followers which led his popularity on twitter to the next level that he earned 30 lakh rupees on Twitter.

Kaise Viru ne Kamaye 30 Lakh Rs

Since he came into the light of News channels and media for making some amazing tweets, people started engaging with his tweets and thus he was captured by sponsors.

He Did it wisely

Only tweets can not make someone hell lot of money. it is unbelievable.

Even he admitted in an interview that while posting any tweet he used to make sure that it is engaging, thought provoking and meant for sound advertising.

And for that advertising part of his tweets, sponsors were ready to catch him and pay handsome amount for tweet around their names.

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