9 things about Roulette casino games that get people excited!

The world of gambling and casinos has hundreds of games to offer, few of which become forever favorites of the audience. Roulette happens to be one such game which is not only widely famous, but widely played too. People who love the thrill of casinos always agree to the fact that Roulette is a very interesting and opportunistic game. Although, it is important to understand that roulette is a game that is designed for the benefit of casinos, in the end. So, it is important to understand the nuts and bolts of the game before playing it. The concept of the little wheel, the red/black number hits, and many other factors make this game very appealing to the audience.

9 things about Roulette casino games that make you excited

Here are 10 factors about the game which gets people excited –

  1. The little wheel – The word “Roulette” comes from the French expression “little wheel” and the game is known for being invented by French mathematician and researcher Blaise Pascal who came up with a device which was similar to the roulette wheel in 1657.
  2. The Devil’s game – Roulette is also known as the “The Devil's Game”. It may be possible that you might have known this before, but little do you know why! It is known as the devil’s game since every one of the numbers on the roulette wheel, once added up regardless of the variation of the game, is always 666.
  3. Red or Black – The concept of Red or Black excites most of the players who love playing Roulette. In case a black number comes up first, this doesn't mean that black will result in the following spin. Although, what is interesting here is the possibility of getting the same color 10 back to back times is just 1 of every 1024. The highest record for the times the same color was hit back to back happened in Bristol, England where red hit 36 times!
  4. The man who actually put his bet on everything and won – Every Roulette player wants to become like the English card shark Ashley Revell who sold all the assets he had along with subsequent $135,000+ cash, he gave in every last bit of it at stakes at the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas on just one roulette turn. Putting that entire he possessed on red on what is known as the craziest move ever, luck did favor him, and he won!
  5. “California Roulette” – Gamblers love the concept of California Roulette. The ones who play regularly or keep in touch with the betting and casino world must know how California has multiple laws on gambling and one of which is that only a deck of cards is considered as the main tool used to get winning results. Since the tool used in roulette is a wheel, this had the potential to make the game illegal in California. And just like cricket has a lot of variations, Roulette too does. But the twist in the story is how gambling clubs have discovered a loophole in the law by bringing about “California Roulette” which is played with cards and not a wheel.
  6. No drinks at the table, if it's not too much trouble – While it is normal to have a drink or two at casino tables like blackjack and baccarat, this is majorly disregarded at the roulette table. So, for people who’re in for some serious business enjoy this as there is no distraction whatsoever.
  7. Frets and Dolly – Different players of Roulette play their ways at the roulette table by using their creativity in bringing up the best possible terms for different things associated with the game. You can play roulette at G2G and win amazing money. The little dividers that differentiate the pockets on the wheel are called ‘frets' and that plastic thing which the vendor uses to check the winning number is a ‘dolly'. These different terms intrigue many players and attract them to the Roulette table so that they can know the meaning and story behind these words.
  8. The greatest record – The biggest known record for a similar number hitting back to back took place in the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, where number 19 kept on hitting a multiple time in succession. Although, the odds of that happening is 1 of every 3 billion.
  9. A 50/50 possibility? – It is true that multiple numbers of players end up winning at the Roulette table since the game is offering; there is no actual way to determining the casino’s loss at a Roulette game.

Roulette surely is one of the most fun games at a casino, but a player should know his limit while playing at a casino. This is applicable to any game. Doing illegal things to win at a casino should also never be a viable option.

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