9 Reason To have bamboo rice in your plates

Health care and awareness have become an integral part of the modern society. The modern generation being educated and aware of the health related issues which can arise if we don’t take a good care of ourselves. The main thing for being in good health is a balanced diet. All other things are just bonus if you are having a balanced diet. Today you will get to know about a very different and unique type of food grain. You all have must tasted a lot of different varieties of rice but many of us have not heard about this one. Bamboo Rice is a type of rice popular in Asia and it Is made by infusing the grains with juice squeezed from bamboo plants. This is the man made method of making this grain but the natural procedure is different. So today Full2hootiyappa has come up with 9 reasons why you should have bamboo rice in your plate. But first, we will know more about Bamboo rice.

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Bamboo Rice is the seed of dying bamboo shoot that is produced at the end of its life span. So this grain takes a lot of time to grow. It is not only a delicious variety of rice but it serves a lot of other purposes too. More importantly, this is a source of income for tribal people living in the forest. The reason why this rice variety is not common is that it takes many years for an aged plant to flower from which this short grain rice is extracted.

 bamboo rice : 9 reasons why you should have 

Here are 9 reasons why you should have bamboo rice :-

  1. Bamboo rice is cooked in the same way like any other rice. Difference lies after it has been cooked. It has chewy and moist texture.
  2. Bamboo rice is mostly used for making Khichdi because of its texture and many people love to have khichdi as it is a light yet good food for stable diet.
  3. Bamboo rice is considered to be really healthy as it is rich in protein content even more than rice and wheat combinations.
  4. Bamboo rice is really a good medicine for people suffering from joint pains as it cures back pain, rheumatic pain, and several other joint pains as well.
  5. It helps people suffering from cholesterol issues as it helps lowering the cholesterol level of consumed on daily basis.
  6.  Also, Bamboo rice contains anti diabetic properties, hence serving diabetes patients as well.
  7. Bamboo rice is assumed that in the coming 5 years, this rice will occupy a good stake in the Indian grocery market.
  8. According to Ayurveda, bamboo rice helps pregnant women with vitamin deficiency and gives a healing effect.
  9. Bamboo rice helps to cure many such diseases which happens to us in our daily lives and we don’t pay much attention to them .

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So above are 9 reasons why you should have bamboo rice in your diet as it contains so many medicinal properties and so many health benefits can be derived out of it.

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