PUBG Mobile Quiz: Test your knowledge about PUBG Game

PUBG Mobile Quiz Test your knowledge about PUBG Game

PUBG(Player Unknowns Battleground) is the top game on smartphone these days. Billions of people have played and are currently playing this game. PUBG game has given a new direction to the gaming world. The game is full of action. It shows how well you can play with team. You can create squads and play together. It is full of pursuit.

With the introduction of Survive till dawn & The darkest night, game has become even more interesting. Zombies can kill you as and when the time comes up for them. It is always better to stay together after the loot and before their time of arrival.

It becomes pretty hard to challenge them solely. Though, in the first round you can kill them easily but the second time they come with much more power with spider and more types of zombies. In that specific round you can be saved only if you are with your team or you play pretty better.

The best thing in that round to do is stay in room with big window, wait for them to come, first try to shoot them but when you see your power going down significantly. Use the grenade and flee out from the window, take medicine and repeat. Using these tricks you can be saved.

Let’s start with the PUBG quiz. I hope you will enjoy it. Make sure you invite your friends too to play this interesting quiz about PUBG Mobile.

  • Question of

    Which gun has the most power?

    • DP-28
    • Kar-98K
    • AWM
    • S12K
  • Question of

    DP-28 uses which ammo?

    • 7.62mm
    • 9mm
    • 5.56mm
    • .45 ACP
  • Question of

    Player out side the circular playzone will die instantly?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Mansion is a location in.?

    • Sanhowk
    • Erangle
    • Vikendi
    • Miramar
  • Question of

    VSS gun can use which scope?

    • 3x
    • 4x
    • 6x
    • No Scope
  • Question of

    Which is nearest to the water in Erangle?

    • Pochiki
    • Georgopol
    • School
    • Gatka
  • Question of

    What is red zone?

    • zone where you can’t stay even for a second
    • zone where you can not enter
    • zone where there are zombies
    • zone where bombs fall from sky
  • Question of

    Which gun supports 8x scope?

    • M249
    • UMP9
    • AKM
    • Mini14
  • Question of

    Which does the highest damage in one shot?

    • Machete
    • Pan
    • Sickle
    • Crowbar
  • Question of

    S686 Shotgun has the capacity of how many gauges?

    • 2
    • 5
    • 6
    • 8

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