Priya Prakash Varrier Slammed for her debut in Bollywood

Hey Guys, Welcome back! As we all know people at twitter leave no stone unturned to trouble the celebs every now and then. Irrespective of their status, stardom, and talent they don't sustain any childish step from them. Twitter is that social platform which even counters attacked the Comedy King Kapil Sharma and made him pay huge taxes. I guess we don’t need any introduction to twitter slams. Say a word or do something and you will be slammed, but the condition is you need to be a celeb, or a politician, or any famous person. Even if they say “HI”, they will be slammed for that, and asked why they said hi instead of saying “hello” well, sounds hilarious!

Ok! So, guys how many of you are active on twitter? If you are, that’s cool. And even if you are not, then need not to worry man. I am gonna create a sizzling, upgraded, and slamy (well, that’s not any word, Oops I invented a new word) twitter feed for my readers.

Are you ready?

Ok, so guys do you know who got slammed recently?

PRIYA PRAKHAR VARRIER- Yes, the girl who made the headlines for her wink (how is it possible still a question struggling me. LOL) is now again in the headlines and facing Oops moments by getting slammed on twitter.

Any guesses for what reason the winky girl, Priya Prakash Varrier is being slammed? Though she has been subjected to trolling since her instant fame because of a wink, this time Priya is being slammed and trolled for the trailer of her upcoming movie Sridevi Bungalow, which is directed by Prasanth Mambully. Unluckily, this time the movie trailer was not successful in bringing positive comments for Priya, rather she is trapped in controversies after that. The issue is not just constrained till the twitter slams, but the movie is in controversy with the producer Boney Kapoor, husband of Late Sridevi, reportedly sending a legal notice.

Yes, this is an OMG Moment for the winky girl, Priya

The matter to be thought about is that what actually is so controversial in the movie trailer? Should I break the suspense? Well, the trailer actually shows Priya signing an autograph and when a kid asks her about her favorite actor, she replies it is she herself, Sridevi. I didn’t find this to be controversial but wait the tale doesn’t end here.

The trailer also showed her dinking at a place that looks like a wedding party. There are certain shots in the trailer of her swimming, jogging, cooking, and crying the bathroom. The shot that has infuriated people is of her lying in the bathtub as if she has drowned, and an add-on of a siren sound in the background. Are you able to relate all this with something? Yes, I am able to actually, Sridevi’s death.  All the shots in the trailer compile up and suggest that there was a conspiracy hidden in Sridevi’s death.

Well, Priya is trying hard to justify, but let’s see how far, she will be able to justify the trailer, the entire movie, and the intention behind it. No matter what she does, it is sure that Sridevi’s fan will not leave any chance to drag her in the controversy world….  Good luck to the winky girl, Priya Prakash Varrier!

Fam, Priya Prakash Varrier is the current victim of twitter slams, who is going to be next?

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