Oh ! Thats why we are not allowed to use phone while on Plane

Generally, the question as to “why should we not use mobile phones while on Plane?” arises in our minds. Even we heard it many a times in our day to day life that mobiles and some electrical devices are not allowed in plane but do you exactly know why should we not use mobile phones while on plane?


So finally here is the answer why should we not use phones while on plane…

Use Of Radio Signals

Actually, in plane there is use of Radio signal for many tasks. To converse with air traffic control and ground control the pilot uses the Radio. Apart from this information of weather and location is achieved from Radar Unit. So in that case if anyone would turn his/her mobile on, there would be possibility of overlapping the radio frequency. There may be bad connection in the incoming and outgoing information from the plane. To avoid this circumstance basically the use of phones is disallowed for the time being and there is advice of turning on the flight mode in phone.

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