Does it really exist? – Nauru, the third smallest country in the world

When it comes to understanding, a small nation surrounded by sea and having 5000 plus of population is like imagination.

Nauru – The Third Smallest Country In The World

Nauru is the third smallest country in the world with the area of just 21 km square. It is tiny island country in Micronesia.


On the world map you can obviously not find Nauru. Even on zooming in finding Nauru is difficult. The country was discovered by British navigator in 1798. The country holds the distinction of being the fattest nation in the world because the average BMI of people there. The population of the Nauru is just around 12000 approximately. The oval shaped country is surrounded by the sea. The capital of Nauru is Yaren district.

Country code of Nauru is +674. The GDP per capita of the nation is approx 5000.00 USD as per 2005 data. The currency used there is Australian dollar. The only railway line in the country was five kilometers long which was used to transport phosphate from the center of the island to the processing plants at the southwest coast (2001). Nauru is the least visited country as well. The country is having only one airport which is never overcrowded. 😀

The temperature of the country is normal and from the tour purpose it is a nice place but due to non availability of amenities and resources people do not prefer visiting there and that's way in the whole year only approx 250 tourists come here to visit. Though its the third smallest nation, but it is worthy of being conversed because of the fact that it is far away from any other nation and very less resources. Even nowadays, we see a college is having such number of students as that of the whole population in the country. Keep imagining and share with your friends.


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