Mission Shakti: What is Mission Shakti and why it is path-breaking

India witnessed an extraordinary moment yesterday when our very own Indian Space Research Organisation along with DRDO got a huge success in launching our first ASAT missile and destroying low earth orbit satellite in space.  India has listed itself in the list of superpowers along with countries like USA, Russia, and China. India becomes the 4th nation to launch the ASAT missile.

India proved that it is going on the right path of development and growth. Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation and gave big congratulations to our hard-working scientists who made it possible and also stated the objective of Mission Shakti. He in his speech stated that objective is to defend India's space assets and not to start an arm's race. Also, many people can raise questions like is there any violation of international conventions in destroying satellites so the answer is absolutely not as there are no treaties governing the use of ASATs so India is not in violation of International Conventions.


The launch of the ASAT missile is just like a new beginning for India as it was in the year 1998 when India first time did the nuclear tests and became a nuclear power.  That time too, the world saw a new India who can be self-sufficient in defending itself and now in 2019 again, the same thing has been proved to the World. After the successful launch of a missile,  many countries were seen a bit scared especially Pakistan as they are just not being able to digest the fact that India became superpower just like USA, Russia, and China.

It was seen in their interviews and the urgent meetings which were called upon as soon as they got the news. This is actually good that the world now knows that we are well equipped with all the defense we need to protect ourselves and these are not to harm anyone.


A big credit goes to our scientists at ISRO and DRDO who kept on working hard for using the technology at its best and creating such a glorious moment for all Indians and creating history again. These missiles are really helpful in case of wars as it can destroy the whole communication system of a country. And for countries who are scared they should know that India never attacks first, it just defends itself and if someone will try we are ready to face it and now we have gone till space too.

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