List of Big Terrorists attack in 2019 around the World

Terrorism has always been a pain for the world for years. These terrorist group aim to spread terror across their reach to achieve some religious or political aims. In recent years the world has suffered from these terrorist attack irrespective of the nation policies and security. Even this year has seen some major terrorist attack killing the surplus including armed forces and civilians. So Full2hootiyappa has came up with the list of terrorists attack so far in 2019.

Sri Lanka was terrorized with bombing attacks on April 22, 2019. The attack took lives of more than 300 people which included several foreigners as well. So here we have come up do discuss list of the terrorists attack so far in 2019, as humanity faced a huge loss due to terrorism in 2109.

List of Big Terrorists attack in 2019 around the World sri lanka

List of Big Terrorists attack in 2019 around the World

The Pulwama terrorist attack

On February 14 ,2019 India witnessed a terrorist attack on its armed forces. This was the first terrorist attack in 2019. A convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel was bombed by a suicide bomber thrashing his vehicle containing kilos of explosive. According to the media a Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed has taken the responsibility of the attack.

Indian government has taken extreme steps to curb the attack by making air strikes at Pakistan occupied Kashmir terrorist base camps. This attack has created a sense of nationalism and the world seems to backup India for its further anti-terrorist operations. India is constantly making bureaucratic moves to corner Pakistan at international platforms for its loose hold on terrorism evolving within its boundaries.

List of Big Terrorists attack in 2019 around the World : Pulwama

New Zealand, Christchurch attacks

A country like New Zealand has also been exploited by previous terrorist attack at two mosques named Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre .The incident took place on 15 march,2019 when an armed gunman rushed into mosque mercilessly killing almost 50 of individuals while live streaming the action on Facebook. When the incident was reported till then he killed more civilians in the other mosque. The death count was about 60 with some more badly injured people.

The world came into shock after such cruel killings and national security and online media was put into trials among the major debates. New Zealand government has been inquiring the whole cause and links of terrorism. Reports claim that attack was a white supremacist attack and was charged with murder.

List of Big Terrorists attack in 2019 around the World : New Zealand, Christchurch attacks

Sri Lankan Bombing Terrorism

The April 21, 2019 made the world realize the grim vulnerability of the southern Asia. Sri Lanka suffered eight prominent suicide bombing attacks including three cathedrals and three major star hotels preferred by foreigners. The recent information predicts the death toll to rise above 300. The attack was seen as a revenge from local militants but government is indicating some international links behind the massacre.

Many reports suggest attack was aimed to terrorize Christian community. There have been claims that intelligence was informed about the attack but it didn't respond actively which led to a catastrophic situation across the country.

This year has witnessed some cruel acts of violence causing big disturbances across the world. These terrorist attacks has created a scenario where the world needs to unite to put a pause on these terrorist attacks for a better future. So this was the list of terrorists attack so far in 2019.

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