10 Lies about SEX You need to Stop Believing: Myths & Rumours

There are many misconceptions about SEX. Here are 10 lies about sex you need to stop believing. These Myths & Rumours need correction.

10 Lies about SEX You need to Stop Believing Myths & Rumours

We are living in a society where talking about sex is considered inappropriate. This is one of a reason that the teenagers do not have proper knowledge of it and they end up having wrong assumptions. Thanks to the technology, that now they can find any information on internet. But again, there is a lot of information available but at the same time, there are many false things available too.  So for the growing teens and people who have doubts regarding this topic, this article will reveal 10 lies about sex which you need to stop believing

There are many myths and lies regarding sex which one needs to get cleared about. So here we present the 10 lies about sex which people believe and are totally false.

Here are 10 lies about sex which you need to stop believing :-

1. Sex before marriage inappropriate and cheap

Many girls do get this confusion that physical intimacy before marriage will ruin their character and image in society but being an adult it is totally your choice to get indulged into this or not. You want to wait, that’s your choice and if you want to go for it, that’s up to you. So be the commander of your life and take your own decisions. This is a major lie about sex which you need to stop believing in.

10 lies about SEX you need to stop believing

2. All women can orgasm through intercourse

This is a really popular myth. According to study done by Kinsey Institute, about 20-30% of women don’t have orgasm during sex alone. You should be open about this with your partner and not let porn sites tell you anything.

10 lies about SEX you need to stop believing

3. Bleeding is the proof of virginity

Bleeding is the proof of virginity is a lie about sex which you need to stop believing. It is not necessary that if you are first time getting intimate with your partner, there needs to be bleeding in order to prove him your virginity. Hymen breaks and which is why some girls bleed for the first time but that need not be the case for everyone. Because hymen breaks even if you are too much into exercises or you met with any sort of accident so that doesn’t proves in anyway your virginity.

10 lies about SEX

4. All STIs have symptoms

Many people believe that there are symptoms of STIs and if they are not evident on your body that means you are safe. Absolutely not! Many people don’t have any changes but still there are chances , therefore you should always get tested before and after any sexuual intercourse.

5. Too much sex will ruin vagina

This is also a widely spread rumour as vaginas are elastic and they go back to their original size as they were in a matter of time. So don’t believe this at any cost. Having a baby, makes certain changes in its shape but of you follow certain exercises it will go back to its normal size again.

10 lies about SEX that you need to stop believing

6. Size criteria

People have been seen expecting a lot from their partners because of the porn videos they have seen and they believe reality should be the same but it’s not. An average penis size is five inches long and an average vagina is about three to four inches. So you must now know better. There are lot more ways to make sex fun, stop expecting virtual things to be reality.

7. Men just thinks about sex

This is true that men think a lot about sex as compared to women but it’s not true that they keep thinking about it throughout the day. They have other jobs as well and there are many women too who does the same but they are lesser in number. 

Men just think about sex

8. Sex should be like porn

Many teens as they grow up start believing that sex shown in porn videos is the reality and they start expecting the same. This is absolutely false as in such movies women are seen as objects satisfying men and also seen getting immense pleasure from them. Teens be it girls or boys starts feeling inferiority complex within themselves for not having that physical appearance but these movies are not true at all and stop believing them.

9. Pills are the cause of weight gain

Many females have this assumption that the birth control pills they intake are the main cause of their weight gain which is absolutely false. It’s you diet that is gaining weight for you not the pills.

lies about SEX you need to stop believing

10. Artificial  methods

You should not go for medicines and other such methods to increase your penis size as these will have many side effects as well and no certainly of anything. As said above size doesn’t matters

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So above were 10 lies about sex which you should stop believing. Get proper knowledge regarding sex and don’t let people and internet ruin your thinking.

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