“Let the Party Begin”: The Horrifying 17 minutes for Christchurch City

Humanity nowadays is getting into the list of extinct species all over the world. It is at the verge of ending if people like Brenton Harrison Tarrant are alive. Not much time has passed when a terrorist attack took place in Pulwama district of Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and again one such saddening and coward act took place in New Zealand. Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old man with white descent belonging to Australia attacked two Mosques of the Christchurch City of New Zealand when people were offering their prayers. The two Mosques that had been on his target were Al Noor Mosque and Lindwood Mosque. Around 49 people were killed in this extremely devastating act. Many children were included too. Now it can be said with utmost certainty that no place in the world is safe because of such extremists people who have a sick mentality of taking revenge, creating terror in the minds of people and getting satisfaction out of it. Not only he attacked the people at Mosque, but he also uploaded his live video on Facebook which is of 17 mints duration of attacking and firing at the innocent people. He also uploaded a manifesto on Facebook declaring that he is an extremist and he wanted to take the revenge of the previous terror attacks that had been held and declaring that he doesn’t hate Muslims but hate those who are trying to rule the world by creating terror in the minds of people.

But is it right to do the same thing what they did in order to take the revenge? Absolutely not! Now he is also one such man who is included in the list of terrorist, so there’s no difference between him and other such mentally sick people.  During this fearful attack, the cricket team of Bangladesh was also going in the same mosque to offer prayer but as soon as they heard the firing they just went back and got saved by God’s grace. But the team players explain what a horrible site it was as they saw people bleeding and running in order to save themselves. One thing is sure, such people don’t belong to any particular caste or religion, they just have a sick mentality and it needs proper treatment. They eventually forget that they are humans and what they are doing is against humanity and this is what that needs to be taught to them.

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