10 Biggest Job interview Mistakes & Remedy

Biggest Job interview Mistakes

We all have spent so many years of our lives in schooling and learning the basics of our fields. It quite happens that many of us are good at academics, while many of us have never been good at it but somehow managed. However, being good at academics is never a criterion essential for success in the practical world.

In the practical world, people are going to judge you on the basis of how well you put the knowledge you have in front of them. How you behave, how you react to spontaneous situations, how you deal with uncertainties, and how you overcome problems. Academic results are just an enhancement to all these skills of yours. They are just part of your career, not the whole of it. Also, this era is of competition. Competition to get what you want and what you have been working for.

Studies have shown that many people have been quite good at academics but failed to get what they wanted. Reasons are different for some. They didn’t get the opportunity or the resources thereafter, while some were just not able to stand and express their views and knowledge and somehow failed at this step. This article will cover how many times you made a mistake in an interview. Ten biggest interview mistakes and many more.

10 Biggest Job interview Mistakes and remedy

We all know that nowadays, whenever it comes to a job, the majority of people are scared of the interview part. Interviews are pretty essential as they connect employers and employees. Employers get to select the right person for the desired post, and job seekers get to showcase their skills and acquire the desired position on their merit.

Since everyone is terrified of the interview part, they make a lot of blunders due to nervousness and anxiety. These mistakes, if avoided, will lead you to the desired results that you have been waiting for.  You must have read about the tips on how to ace the interviews, but today we will tell you what things you should avoid in interviews. This article will reveal the ten biggest interview mistakes. People learn better from mistakes, so read the following and try to rectify these mistakes.

10 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes & Remedy February 2024

Checking the Dress code


This is a very small but very impact criterion during interviews. You should be aware of the company’s dress code, whether they prefer casuals or strictly formal. Not checking out your dress code before an interview can be one of your worst interview mistakes. If you do not follow that, your first impression might not be impacted at this very first step. And as the saying goes, “First impression is the last impression”. This goes a lot for the interviews.

Appearing Uninterested


This is actually the most annoying thing for the employers as they are already overloaded with applicants and if you aren’t demonstrably interested in them or the job, they certainly aren’t interested in hiring you either. So, show your interest in the company by asking certain relevant questions about the job, turn off your cell phone, and pay proper attention there.

Being Unprepared


Lack of preparation is an opportunity crusher. Be prepared for the job you are going for. Carefully analyze the job description and what are your achievements, and how you fit best for their company. Be prepared for the standard interview questions beforehand. Reach on time and do a lot of research about the company, its background, competitors, aims, and especially the post that you have been called for.

Sharing Too Much Information


Sharing too much information is one of the common mistakes made by interviewees. You should not answer more than required. This might have a negative impact on the employer. Answer to the point and if they ask for details, then give your explanations else not.



It’s important to enhance your resume by showcasing your skills but you should somehow relate to all your skills mentioned therein because if you lie about something, it’s easy for the interviewer to catch it by just asking a few complicated questions and if you are caught, it will lead to a very bad impression.

Giving Textbook responses


Look readers, interviews are meant and designed to check your personality more and your knowledge about any subject lesser. Don’t just learn answers and just say them out in interviews rather showcase how you have used your skills and knowledge in various fields.

Having Negative Body Language


If you never smile, have a limp handshake, and don’t make eye contact with the people you meet at the employer’s location and especially with the interviewer, you’ll come across as too shy or too strange, or simply not interested.

Being Angry


It can happen that you have been pissed off about something before appearing for the interview but don’t let that reflect on your interview.  Angry people are not people employers want to hire because they are not fun to work with and might create a lot is issues with their co-workers.

Inappropriate Behavior


If you going for a job interview in any corporate world, try not to over entertain or over amuse the employer. If making them laugh isn’t a requirement of the job, don’t crack unnecessary jokes and piss them off. Try to read the employer, what kind of personality he is, and then act accordingly. If he himself is a fun person, then you can act casually else take the interview seriously.

Badmouthing Past Employers


This is yet another common mistake people generally make. They are asked questions about their past employers and co-workers and people to impress their current employer and flatter them and start badmouthing about their past employers and company.

Never ever do this. Because it’s a trap to know what kind of person you are behind someone’s back. The employer might get the impression that you would do the same for their company as well.

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Over to You

So above mentioned are the 10 biggest interview job mistakes that most people unknowingly make, and when they don’t crack the interview because of these mistakes, they are also not able to identify where it went wrong and continue to do the same in all other interviews. So pay attention to these ten biggest interview mistakes and try to learn from them and rectify them, and you will surely ace the interviews thereafter.

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