Why JCB memes are popular | Best Viral JCB Memes

If you are active on social media, then we do not need to tell to you about what we have come up with. You may find JCB excavator all over the internet whether it is Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Now all internet platforms are filled with the pictures of this yellow machine. So today we have come up with best JCB memes trending on Instagram and the reason of their popularity.

Why JCB memes became popular ?

People start to gather around whenever they see a JCB digging into the ground. Recently a video went viral in which people were gathered a looking a JCB digging. Since then JCB ki Khudai went popular on social media and dozens of memes were made on it.

So it all started with the viral video on Twitter with the caption ” Reason why #jcbkikhudai is trending ” . This Twitter post made JCB ki Khudai so popular that now it can be found on every social media platform.

Since then this yellow machine is rocking on Internet and various memes are made on it.


Here are some Best JCB memes trending on Internet.

In these #Jcbkikhudai memes you will find that everyone is desperate to watch JCB Ki Khudai. You may also find several celebrities who are interested in clicking pictures with JCB as well as desperate to watch JCB ki Khudai.

JCB ki Khudai dekhne nikale Mirza Galib

Best JCB memes Trending on Instagram

Sunny Leone updates her picture with trending yellow machine

Best JCB memes Trending on Instagram

When my girlfriend is so obsessed with JCB ki Khudai

Best JCB memes Trending on Instagram

How to find a perfect life partner

Best JCB memes going viral on Instagram

After losing election Rahul Gandhi be like

top viral JCB memes on internet

Inspiration from JCB #jcbkikhudai

Best JCB memes Trending on Instagram

When JCB is more important than BMW

Best JCB memes Trending on Instagram

JCB ayyya

Best JCB memes Trending on Instagram

When watching JCB ki Khudai gives you ultimate relief

Best JCB memes Trending on Instagram

When #jcbkikhudai is more important than your matchBest JCB memes Trending on InstagramBest JCB memes Trending on Instagram

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These were some of the Best JCB memes trending on Instagram these days. Jcbkikhudai went popular due to a video on Twitter which featured a JCB since then, you will find these memes and many more all over the internet. These memes were so much loved by the Indians because they can relate these memes with there lives.

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