Jaya Prada Joins the BJP. Will this Move Prove Lucky For her Political Career?

Jaya Prada is an Indian film actress and politian who is famous for her various blockbusters. She has been serving to the film industry for more than 4 decades. She became member of Telugu Desam Party in 1994, later on she left TDP to follow Samajwadi Part. She joined Bharatiya Janata Party on 26 March, 2019.

Jaya Prada Joins BJP

Nowadays a lot of renowned artists who have done tremendous work in their respective fields are seen joining an all new field and that is politics. They are showing their support to their favorite leaders by way of joining their respective parties. Also, many rumors are also spreading of similar other artist joining politics but they all are making it clear that they are not into such games. 

Recently, the famous cricketer Gautam Gambhir was seen joining BJP as he was impressed by the ideas and vision of the party leaders and wanted to work for society and the countrymen. Also, Urmila Matondkar the famous actress joined Congress.

Not only new faces can be seen joining politics but some old faces too are seen changing their parties. One such actress we are talking about is Jaya Prada. She was supporting Samajwadi Party in the past years and recently was seen joining the BJP and trying her luck here.

Jaya Prada has always been seen getting compared with the late iconic actress Shridevi. Both were working in the same industries be it south film industry or later on Bollywood.  

She possess, however, all the qualities of an iconic star actress but still something was missing which didn’t gave her the opportunity to enjoy the success and fame that her rival actress Shridevi did. 

Although there are no reasons yet known to us as to why she switched to BJP. Maybe it’s because the ideas and vision of this party motivating more stars to join them or maybe she is trying to grow and explore herself as a politician and work for the country and she might be not getting that opportunity in her previous party.

Although, Jaya Prada has been always seen a bit uncomfortable when it comes to politics but she is trying her level best to get adapted to the world of politics and it will be interesting to see whether she blooms in it just like she did in her movies and created such a great fan base because of her amazing acting and dancing skills or she just remains the way she has been till now.  

This 80s diva has proved herself when it came to cinema and now she is trying her luck in politics by joining BJP and we are hoping to see something new from her side very soon.

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