Is the Planet Earth On its end?


The reason why life exists on earth is the ozone layer which protects earth from the UV radiation of sun and the depletion of this layer is causing unexpected increase in overall temperature of the earth.

Consequences of Global Warming :

There are uncountable adverse effects of this phenomenon called Global.

  1. Due to increase in temperature, Glaciers will melt resulting in rise in ocean levels and as a results there would be chance of extinction of some low leveled countries and places. Through out the time Ocean level has already increased very much.
  2. There would be less availability of oxygen and many diseases may crop up.
  3. There would be pollution everywhere specially in big cities resulting in bad heath or worse health conditions. There will be increase in death rate.
  4. People with low income will have to suffer a lot.
  5. There may be unexpected fire and also will be very worse condition in day time.
  6. There would be many skin problems.
  7. Sudden Climate change leading to loss of wealth and life.


In broad sense we can not handle such a big problem totally but it effects can be reduced in near future if we become conscious.


Plants and trees soak Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release Oxygen thus help controlling the CO2 from mixing in the environment and affecting ozone layer. Well, everybody knows this fact but knowledge is different thing from its execution. We should be aware and make others aware of it from right now at this moment. If we start preaching others, nothing will work out instead we should make efforts and do it. Let others follow you. Make afforestation the part of your daily activities and if not possible some time in the week. If you are a student ask for places from your elders to do it and they will concentrate and will lead you and be part of it as well. If you are living in civil area you can ask for renown personalities to make a Park full of grass and trees. Passing time in grassy fields is very relaxing in day time as there is so much Oxygen.


Solar electricity


There should be stress on solar system while generating electricity thus less consumption of fossil fuels and resources and maintaining balancing.  Solar energy is a boon for remote areas where there is no access of power cables. People should be aware of using solar plants for various works.

Use Eco friendly means of transport wherever feasible for short distances

Spread awareness about Global warming among people.



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