IPL 2019 is Different | Check out how and why?

You are wondering how IPL 2019 can be different, right? Yes, you heard that right. IPL 2019 is pretty different. Bare with me throughout the article to explore how IPL 2019 is different. Sports is something everyone loves. Be it Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey or Football, sports is something everyone connects with and enjoys it.

It is seen mostly that a certain sport becomes the most seen and played sports of that particular country as compared to other sports. For example, talking about India, cricket is the most famous sports and most of the people are cricket fans.

Similarly, for many foreign countries, football is their most watched and enjoyed sports and so on.  So let’s talk about India and here cricket has the craziest fan base as most people love to play and watch it making it into the list of most popular sports in our country.

Different forms are being played in cricket be it Test matches, One day or international matches. One more form is being played and this form is even watched by people who don’t follow cricket much and that is IPL.

IPL is famous because the eight teams that play it represents eight cities of India and hence people support their respective teams and one more reason is it also involves Bollywood people that adds to its popularity.

IPL 2019 is a bit different from the previous IPLs as this year no opening ceremony was held as BCCI decided to donate the amount to the Indian Armed Forces. BCCI donated 11 crore rupees to the Indian Armed Force, 7 crores to CRPF and 1 crore each to Navy and Air Force. This was done as an act of tribute to our Pulwama attack martyrs.

This was a really good gesture to show our support to them who are giving their everything for us. Other details of this year IPL are that around 106 crores were spent on 60 players and the costliest bid was on Varun Chakravarthy was taken by Kings XI Punjab and Jaydev Unadhkat by Rajasthan Royals.

Around 8.4 crores were spent to buy them. Also, Mumbai Indians traded Jayant Yadav from Delhi Capitals. Mumbai Indians team owner Aakash Ambani stated in one of his interviews that Yuvraj Singh has been one of their biggest steals in the 11-year tournament history.

So this would be quite interesting to know which team will become IPL 2019 champion as all teams are looking strong and will compete hard with each other but no matter which team wins, IPL is like a festival and cricket fans just enjoy and have fun watching their favorite players

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