Indian Media is Partially Supporting the Parties to influence the Crowd

Yes, you heard it right. All the debates that we see on Indian news channels be it on ABP News, Zee News or any other channel, except few, are all partial. It is the time of the election. Is not it? Yes, it is. The ruling party knows that they would be called for questions by the opposing parties near elections. And, the party in force is alternatively trying to impose questions instead on them. If we as responsible citizens don't raise questions on the ruling party, then the democracy will come to an end. And the prior responsibility is of the media houses to raise the questions on behalf of the people but it is avoiding it.

All the happenings around the Pulwama attack are being used as weapons by the ruling party. In the PM speeches, it can be easily seen that the party is taking all the credits and questioning the opposing parties cruelly. On one hand, it says the enemy is very week and we can eradicate them with roots however, on the other hand, they say that oppositions are powering them by raising reasonable questions.

Questions asked by the opposition are being manipulated for the ruling party interest. Majority of people are understanding the game, but in lack of unanimous voice the media houses are shamelessly airing misleading and manipulated content to the innocent viewers which are in no way under the interest of common people and country at large.

If you are the one who loves to see the debates on News Channels, then just be cautious, they are targeting the people who are raising reasonable questions. You will be anti-national, anti-army,  & Pakistan supporter if you raise any question to the ruling party.

BJP is doing politics of Fear. They want to show that only they are national and all the other parties are Pakistan supporter. In other words, they are trying to turn the People hatred for Pakistan into the hatred for opposing parties.

It is not only me who is saying this, But some big personalities are raising the same questions. Let me introduce you with the few personalities that are raising the questions. And you should watch their videos carefully.

Kanhaiya Kumar is a young personality who deems his job to raise questions against the ruling party for the good of people. Kanhaiya is a very spontaneous speaker. He replies to the people within a matter of seconds and his replies are very rational. This is why his speeches and public responses are very popular on social sites. Below is what he said in a public speech after which he has filed a report by the BJP person for calling PM with Bad names and telling Pulwama a conspiracy. Kanhaiya also says Rahul is made “Pappu” by the BJP IT cell not by the people just to kill any strong alternative to BJP.

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Abhisar Sharma is a senior journalist who is a very responsible anchor. He is the one who stands out of the other anchors because of his clear and straightforward attitude. He is an award-winning journalist. Abhisar has raised many questions in the below video from the ruling government and media houses. He makes videos under the title “Bebak” where he raises questions bebaki se. 

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He has also made below video which pointed out how Modi is different from Vajpai.

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Ravish Kumar is well known, honest and true personality. If you know NDTV, you must know Ravish. Ravish is the Goodwill of NDTV. NDTV is the channel which is totally different from the crowd. The news channel has continuously raised many questions from the ruling government. Ravish Kumar appears in “Prime Time with Ravish Kumar”.

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Dhruv Rathee is an Indian YouTuber who makes videos about Business, Politics, Current Affairs and more. HIs critical thinking is very rational and he attracts a huge audience on YouTube. He has been interviewed on NDTV by Ravish Kumar himself.

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Interestingly Ravish has interviewed Kanhaiya Kumar as well on his show.

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Below video where the distinction between Rahul Gandhi & PM Modi is made by Dhruv Rathee is very popular on YouTube.

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While writing this article I found a hot video by Dhruv exposing Twitter Factory of BJP which is worth watchable.

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Cobrapost has also strived to expose the big media houses. None of the media promotes any content that objects their subjectivity. Cobrapost under the project Karaoke has exposed many bollywood actors and actresses for promoting political campaigns including Jacky Shroff, Abhijeet(singer), Shakti Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Ameesha Patel, Arshad Warsi, Vidya Balan & More.  Below are some videos by the Cobrapost exposing media houses under its operation 136 II.

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After watching these rational and logical videos you will certainly come to a logical point. Please watch these videos without leaving this page and share your views in the comment section below. Jai Hind !!!

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