How To Post Regular On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social networks. It is mostly used by celebrities to stay connected with their fans. But in this digital world, people with good talent are also becoming even more popular than TV shows celebrities.

How to post regular on instagram

It also may be that due to various daily activities, you forget to post on Instagram. If you are not active on it, you my probably experience decrease rate of return from your followers.

Well, in this post I will talk about how to schedule Instagram posts and stay connected with the audience.
How to post regular on instagram

In order to schedule your post you can use buffer, Hootsuite or Apphi.
These application work perfectly well to keep you connected with your audience.

With these applications you can get notification when you want to post. Once you receive the notification, you can easily post to your account.

Apphi application gives you 10 fee auto posts for a month. Though for leveraging their auto post on schedule services even on a large scale, you will need to upgrade. But believe me it is worth of every penny you spend.

By using these scheduling applications, you can stay connected with your audience and post regular on your account.

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