From Tea Vendor To Country’s Watchman #maibhichowkidar Trends

Elections are just around the corner and it is evident throughout the country. All the parties are busy in blaming and questioning the opposition and portraying their party as the most reliable and suitable one and asking for people’s support in the form of votes. Since we all know that it is the 21st century, the era of technology and social networking sites and the internet has taken great importance in everyone’s life. As we all know, previously people used to get information about the parties through rallies and posters only and then they came to know more about them when there was the advent of television and media but nowadays social media has a great impact on everyone and especially the youth.

Nowadays we can see that whatever is in trend gets a hashtag and through that hashtag it goes viral and hashtags are very unique and better ways of making views and opinions more impactful in just short words or sentences. People just through hashtags get a click in their mind about what it is all related to. One such famous and trendy hashtag is “#maibhichowkidar”.

Mai Bhi chowkidar is a hashtag (#maibhichowkidar) which is given by Bhartiya Janta Party as our Prime Minister named Shri Narendra Modi calls himself as the watchman of the country as he believes in protecting the country from all kind of evils like threat from terrorist, bribe takers etc and many more such people who just want to do activities which do not contribute to the nation’s well being and goes against it.

He through this campaign wants to make people believe that he is not alone in this fight against corruption and terrorism but instead, all the people are the watchman of the country who wants to see India rising.

This campaign is going really amazing as people who support BJP and who want to see Narendra Modi again as the prime minister are showing their support by participating in this campaign. The oppositions are also trying to figure out similar hashtags but they are unable to create that popularity what this hashtag did.

And this hashtag, in my opinion, is apt as the leader who brought this is actually working hard day and night just to make India stronger and better than before instead of just saying it and people should understand that the situation of India is messed up because of such bad governance in the past years and all the mess cannot be undone in 5 years only and should again give chance to Shri Narendra Modi and his party only if you all want to see India rising like a star.

However, coin always has two sides thus you yourself are the true judge to decide who you look like the next PM. There are some people who are taking a dig at this initiation like Ravish, Dhruv, and others. They can't be truly denied as they all put things with facts.

Ravish takes a dig on this in the below video

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Likewise, as I said there are two aspects of everything. And you need to understand what is jumla and what is real work.

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