Fight Between two star comedians is on rage !

After the Melbourne show when the Kapil Sharma show team was set to come back the fight arose between the star comedians when Kapil sharma was drunk in the flights. He said what he should not have said considering ethical values. However he was not in his control as the sources suggest. But Sunil grover aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati is yet disappointed with the entire scenario. Though he did not utter any word at the time but refused to come on the show. Even some co-comedians refused to come favoring his stand including Prabhakar Chandan and ali asgar.


full2hootiyappa - kapil and suniil


Three of them could not be seen on the set while promoting Nam Shabana movie. Though the actor Manoj bajpai tried handling with his skills but the absence of Sunil Grover could not be compensated anyhow. Even Rochelle Rao aka lottery could not speak the words correctly as before.


full2hootiyappa - kapil and suniil


Even to fill the space of Grover and co-comedians who left for sometime, other eminent comedians were called on show. But they also could not compensate at all.


full2hootiyappa - kapil and suniil

Sunil grover has different aura. When he comes on stage he remains in his character all the time and we rarely see him going out of his given character. The same is with Kiku sharda as bumper and the both of them have outstanding talent and also have some remarkable punches.

Humiliation with sarcasm is the part of comedy so humiliation has been the part of it. Without humiliating others there will be no punches. On the set we see the characters humiliating each others on their fat body, attire or different body shapes etc.  When it comes to single person doing comedy it remains easy as there no direct person taking its blunt but it becomes hard in duet or more than two. Even in school when teacher starts checking the copies and your friend has not completed his work and is being beaten for that you sometimes laugh in your sleeves over it. The same is with comedy nowadays. The show comedy nights bachao was known for the most humiliation done on set. It is kind of adverse if I say humiliation with respect , makes no sense either.

I saw many posts on the social media saying kapil humiliates others and like that stuff as the sunil grover suggested that in his twitter post but how far it is right. Sunil grover is from the same line of business as we see him humiliating Sumona, musicians and others. Even Kapil publicly felt himself guilty on twitter.

I feel they should patch up as prompt as feasible both has respect and talent.

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