Everything you need to know about Dhinchak Pooja

There are so many questions like who is dhinchak pooja? Why her songs are getting so much popularity? Even I deny calling them songs. They look somewhat funny though. 


Well, Dhinchak Pooja, YouTube Fame now is on the peak of popularity. The people who helped her reaching there are her haters actually. They commented, shared, re-manufactured her song and what not to help her reaching there.

As of now  she is having more than 1 lack of subscribers on YouTube and her video “Selfie Maine le li Aaj” is having more than 17 million views. Her situation is same that of KRK(his haters made his famous) but believe me she is better than KRK.

Well, let's dig into who Dhinchak Pooja is and from where she belongs? Dhinchak Pooja is from UP and now living in Delhi. Her real name is Pooja Jain. Nothing is evident about her education background. And yeah she is not as simple as us. She has different aura and talent off course. She has finally killing voice I was looking for.

dhinchak pooja


How she became popular ?

Some are born great and some achieve greatness. Well, there is nothing to with that quote 😉

Her haters and their sarcastic trolling made her famous actually. As we saw “Carry Minati” trolling her on her first song (again I said song – name it something in comment section) gave a direction to her growth. She got slightly popular with that. She was again trolled badly on “Daaru Daru”. See her confidence by the way, you should learn something from her as story does not stop here. She uploaded more songs thereafter. I think she does not watch her facebook page and read comments because as I saw some comments they were looked like if she might have read them she would not be here existing the next day with us. That is why I guess she has blocked YouTube Video comments on her channel and likes dislikes too. Huh, it does not end here, her interview was gone viral where her confidence was worth seeing. I would not mention the link as you will probably count me in the long run of making her popular, anyways, no one can stop curiosity of other.

dhinchak pooja

Her new song is out “Dilon ka shooter hai mera scooter” which has crossed 1 million + views in just 2 days. I know many personalities on YouTube who work really very hard to have some name, fame and money. You might have watched Vidya Vox, Shirley Setia songs videos on YouTube, they don't block comments by the way. Even they do not get so much views on their videos.

So, what we learn today, not only supporters and lovers but also haters can bring us near to the destination.

Enjoy the life and have confidence. The only thing I appreciate about her is that of her Confidence, so guys be confident. She is inspiration to many beginner singers as they can also get famous on YouTube provided that they are confident and are having enough haters to be trolled. Lol..

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