How to Deal with Exam Results Stress and Anxiety?

How to Deal with Exam Results Stress Anxiety Tension Depression & Pressure

We all have experienced the exam stress and anxiety when it comes to results in our life at one point of time or other. Some cope with it and some just can’t handle the exam pressure and drown themselves into depression and ultimately leading to some bad habits like smoking, drugs, liquor etc as well, as an excuse of getting over it. This is the main reason why stress management during exams are important. So here, we have come up with some exam stress management steps which you can use when you see stress symptoms.

How to Deal with Exam Results Stress, Tension & Anxiety under Pressure

  • One thing must be kept in mind that exam results are not the end of life. They are not the destination, rather a step up to your future. So don’t think of negative thoughts if results are not as per your wish.
  • Another important step to deal with exam results stress, anxiety, tension and fear is family support and love. Whenever you are finding yourself caught with anxiety and stress, speak out. Speak out to your loved ones, it will make you feel better and they will also come to know what you are going through.
  • You should stay calm during the time of result, and no matter what the result comes, you should always look forward.
  • You should try to stay away from people who try to create unnecessary stress of your results.
  • Parents need to understand one thing that marks are not depiction of one’s success or failure. There are tons of examples which clearly depicts that skills make you successful not merely marks. If your child has knowledge, skills and self confidence, they will definitely do something good with their life.
  • Another important point to be kept in mind by parents is that every child is different. You cannot compare your child with someone else’s. So never compare your child’s results with someone else’s as it will create a feeling of hatred among them regarding that other person and also they will start believing that parents will only love them if they are getting good grades which is absolutely false and no parent would want this to happen right!
  • Know your strength and weakness.
  • During results time and days prior to it, create a joyful environment around that child. Teenagers should also try to divert their attention from exam results stress into something else and they should utilize their time to enjoy or learn something new.
  • After the results, avoid spending all your time worrying for tomorrow rather focus on today and deal with one problem at a time.
  • Drinking of alcohol and taking drugs won't reduce your stress rather it will create more problems.

Advice for exam stress ?

After results are declared, deal with results positively even if they are not as per you thought, don’t panic. It’s not the end, it’s just an obstacle that you will surely overcome with your hard work. Don’t feel disheartened. No exam is bigger than the exam called life. One should be successful in this exam and the only mantra is to be calm in situations and be happy with what they have and strive harder to get more.

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So the best way to deal with exam stress and anxiety is make yourself calm, make yourself understand that these results are just reflection of what you have studied. You are much more than some limited course of books and that you will work hard every time if someone or something knocks you down Instead of panicking, getting into wrong habits and negative thoughts. Positive attitude towards everything will definitely make you succeed.

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