11 pieces of dating advice you should follow : For healthy relationship in this complicated world

When it comes to dating, a lot of people face a lot of problems that what they should do, what they should not. So it becomes very difficult for couples to maintain there healthy relationship. So Full2hootiyappa has come up with dating advice you should know.

Relationships aren’t easy especially when it comes to today’s generation. The whole dating concept has been changed. Nowadays partners face a lot of complications because of various issues like not giving proper time, double dating , doubts and many more. We give you 11 pieces of dating advice that one can follow.

Here are the 11 pieces of dating advice that one can follow.

1. Don’t be super available

Being in relationship doesn’t means one should always talk to their partners. When you become more available to someone they might take you for granted. Never let that happen. Have your own life, hobbies, work and it also doesn’t means ignore them Intentionally but being busy the whole day and then sharing your day with each other will be amazing.

2. Communication

Communication is the key to all the problems. Communicate, express whatever you want to. Express your opinions and don’t wait for them to understand without saying anything. No one is mind reader. Ask for the things you want. Don’t wait for them to understand always.

3. Listen Patiently

One should not only express their feelings but should also be good listener. One should listen carefully and without making any assumptions. Then only you would be able to understand your partner in better way and they will feel more free to talk to you.

4. Be Honest not hurtful

There’s a difference between being honest and being hurtful. Sometimes you should lie to your partner on things which might hurt them but that lie should be for their happiness and not to cheat them.

5. Self love first

Before entering into relationship with someone else you should know the art of self love. Unless you love yourself, no one can ever love you the way you want.  Love yourself and try to work on your mistakes and improve your own self before going with someone else.

6. Trust

Trust is the backbone of any relationship. Without trust there’s no point in staying because always issues will arise even if they don’t exist.

7. Self Respect should not be compromised

One should never ever lower their self respect in name of love. Of you both love each other, then you don’t have to do that but if someone is constantly raising questions on your self respect then that’s not love.

8. To get over someone, go with someone else

This thing is absolutely false when it comes to dating. Nowadays this has become a trend. People just because to get over someone else, go along with others which is wrong. You can use that time to improve yourself and work on yourself.

9. Don’t just get into dating because everyone else is doing.

Don’t just settle for anyone easily. Wait for the right person. It’s not necessary to be in relationship or date someone. Explore yourself, work your things out and the right time will surely lead you to your right match. So don’t hurry!

10. Priorities

When you are dating someone you should treat them special and not treat them like you do to every other person of your life. Then how come that person will come to know that they are special to you. It’s the responsibility of both partners to set their priorities regarding different people in their life.

11. Be yourself

You don’t have to change yourself for anyone. Be yourself because all your flaws and good points make you who you are. That doesn’t means you should not change your bad habits, you should work on them but don’t just blindly follow whatever your partner says else you will lose your identity.

So above are 11 pieces of dating advice that one can follow to have a healthy relationship. These dating advices will surely help you out with the problems you all must be facing.

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