Best Cricket Games for Android in 2024

Cricket is a gentlemen's game and instills a lot of good qualities within you, one of the best of which is team spirit. Due to covid and reducing parks and playing areas, we are compelled, and can't play outdoor games pretty frequently. However, if you are a cricket fan and want to enjoy cricket, then what else can be better than mobile games.

However, the question arises as to which cricket game can be best for you. To solve this question, here we have this list of some awesome cricket games for your Android device that can make your day.

The game that contains better graphics obviously attracts us a lot. Even sometimes gameplay and trailers are so impactful that we instantly download the game. Although the reality is quite different from the trailers most often. As such, it becomes pretty tricky to find the best cricket game to play. So, we have decided to help you find the best cricket games that you can install and play on your Android smartphone today.

Earlier Android cricket games did not have any graphical features, live commentary, multiplayer functionality, and much more. However, the games of today are captivating as they have the most exciting features to help you stay engaged and entertained.

As per a survey, over 68 percent of Indians are fond of playing online games. Online gaming is a popular activity in countries, with the majority of users playing daily.

What makes a cricket games more enjoyable

What makes a cricket game more enjoyable:

  • Graphics: Better graphics definitely matter a lot. However, the games of today are having high graphics so you can't complain about that. Though a few games have less clarity, overall they perform well. It is seen that people don't like them because of their rough quality. As such, graphics count a lot.
  • Realisticity: The more realistic the game is, the more fun it becomes to play it. People prefer to play such games. Live commentary, umpire calls, DRS, bowler actions, batsman stance, differentiation of faces, exciting jersey, and advanced controls make the cricket game more realistic and enjoyable.
  • Commentary: Live commentary definitely makes you intrigued about the game every second. You can't watch cricket on Hotstar without English or Hindi Commentary, then how can you play it without it. As such, today's cricket games have advanced commentary options. In WCC3, you can even hear Akarsh Chopra doing commentary for your online game which is quite exciting.
  • Better Controls: Advanced control options and shot varieties available in the game, make it obviously very realistic and fun to play.
  • Stadiums: The quality of grass and stadium graphics including spectators and lighting gives it a realistic experience.
  • Hardness: Most of the games all you to play on different levels viz. Easy, Medium, Intermediate, Hard. And that is quite essential in the game. If it is very easy then you will quickly lose interest after a few matches.
  • Net Practice: In hard games, net practice made is quite exciting. It can help players to boost their skills without losing ranks, coins, or money.
  • Jersey & Team Variety: A variety of Jersey designs and colors make it quite delightful. With more teams available, you can choose your favorite team and select the desired opponent.

The Best Cricket Games for Android in 2024

One of the special features of cricket mobile games is that whenever you play a game, you will never feel boredom. It makes you feel happy and engaged. Cricket games are surely entertaining for cricket lovers!

World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3)

World Cricket Championship 3 Cricket Game

WCC3(World Cricket Championship) is an online Android game with some exciting features. There are many modes in WCC 3. In Career Mode, users will experience the cricket season and three brackets, 25 series, and 400matches.

The signing-in process is very easy, like other Android games. You can sign in with your Google account or log in through your Facebook account. You will get one-time bonus platinum.

In the WCC franchise, WCC is the first game that was released in 2011. WCC 1.4.3 is the latest version of WCC 3 and is compatible with Android 4.3+. WCC 3 size is 95.81 MB.

Download here

Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20

This game has a special tradition. Every year this game gives us a new update and the names are the same according to the scheme.

The graphics of this game are very good, you get it in Ultra HD quality and this game runs smoothly. Commentary is available in Hindi and English. Basic commentary is free, the rest has to be purchased.

There are many game modes, some you have to buy and some are free in this game. In Real Cricket 20 you will get to play tournaments, which will not be available at any other mobile cricket match.

The most important point of this game is, this game is a game that gives many things to mobile games, like the IPL Auction Free Live Show Outside Stadium View.

Download here

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

WCC 2 games have different multiplayer modes, like batting in multiplayer mode, and you can play it in the offline mode too. This mode of playing games can enhance the experience of playing games.

WCC 2 features are really very mind-blowing, WCC 2 has 42 different stadiums and lets you play in any popular stadium across the world. WCC has multiple camera angles, ultra slow-motion action, replays, and clear visibility.

Download here

Sachin Saga

Sachin Saga is a game that lets you relive the amazing play of Sachin Tendulkar.

Tendulkar is one of the most popular and prolific batsmen in cricket history. The Sachin Saga game names are the most popular cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, that's why this game is as popular and famous as Sachin Tendulkar.

The game is free for download on Android and IOS. After putting all these elements together, you will get to know that this is a recipe for huge success in India. The game is an official blessing of the cricketer, that's the way of using his name and his likeness.

Download here

World Cricket Battle 2 (WCB2)

WCB 2 is the next generation, most advanced 3D cricket game including a cricket simulation experience on Android.

Users can try out a wide range of world cricket championships with real-time cricket batting, and career mode multiplayer. You can play against real opponents on WCB 2 in real-time multiplayer mode.

An autoplay option is available with express gameplay in the much-awaited Premier League Cup auction mode. The game has unique and advanced gameplay. WCB 2 gives you the best cricket experience, with its real-time difficulty optimization algorithm in advanced mode.

Download here

Cricket Career 2016

The aim of this game is to select the World Cup Squad and stay at the highest level of the game as long as possible and gain a huge amount of balance. Cricket career is a normal touch-up game for cricket fans.

Easily available on the internet and can run on PCs and handsets too. 14 years and above can play this game. Cricket career is the best game for graphics and gives you an entertaining game-playing experience, and is easy to use.

Users can keep their dreams alive with this game. Whenever you play any game, your expectations will be really very high, and this game is above your expectations.

Download here

Stick Cricket Super League

There are many features in the super league, like:-

  • Create Your Player.

You can create and customize your player before going on the field, and also users can choose a hairstyle and accessories for the player.

  • Choose from 70 teams.

Choose cities all over the world in the Strict Cricket Super League, and take your favorite team to the top.

  • Sign Superstar.

Users can negotiate seasonal contracts with the world's best players.

  • Smash sixes.

Smash Sixes in typically Stick Cricket fashion and ignite fireworks in the stadium.

  • Captain Your Team.

win the toss, and decide which player will be batting and bowling. Full control of the captaincy.

Download here

Cricket League

Cricket League is a famous cricket game not only for Android but also for iOS. The game comes with an exciting camera angle where you just look at the ball and smash it for fours and sixes. This game is all about timing and skills.

Bowlers like James at or above lever 5 are hard to play as they do both Googly and Wrist-spin (leg-spin). It is a multiplayer game and gives control to both bowlers and batsmen to lead the game. With a special bowl, bowlers can add extra spin, speed, and deviation.

Download here

Doodle Cricket

Powered by Google's Advance AI algorithm, The Doodle cricket game is built for cricket fans. Now every cricket player can play cricket anywhere, anytime with this lightweight android cricket game. Including the no-limit cricket shorts.


  • the most lightweight game with awesome graphics.

Download here

Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket – Big League Game is the most transformation since modern ODI and T-20 Cricket formats on Android. The game has deployed techniques and complex algorithms to build a realistic experience, gamers' visual and auditory senses of playing the game.


  • HD quality visuals with life-like an international player.
  • Full match commentary.
  • The full reporting of modern batting and bowling styles.
  • Players with matching capabilities to international stars.
  • All major cricket playing nations

Download here

Over to You

So, these are some of the best cricket games for Android that you can download on your device and enjoy playing cricket with online friends and strangers. These games are highly reviewed and offer you a premium quality experience.

You can download any of these cricket games and have fun. It is however advisable to play these games at a limit because online games can never replace real games.

Playing cricket with your friends outside can help your mind and body fresh, while online games can make you lazy. So, always give priority to life experiences and playing with real friends, rather than online.

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