5 Best Cricket Betting Tips for Beginners

5 Best Cricket Betting Tips for Beginners

Cricket is now regarded as the second most popular sport in the world and huge credit for that goes to its ever-increasing popularity in the Indian Subcontinent. The frequency of cricket matches is so high that one can bet on cricket online 365 days a year. Successful cricket betting requires discipline, money management and the ability to consistently identify betting value. The following guidelines might help make your cricket betting experience a pleasant one.

New to cricket betting? Here are some beginner tips for you

Research and selection of a betting site

Finding a suitable betting site is ideally the first step to take if you are new to cricket betting. There are a huge number of cricket betting sites to choose from and it might get confusing. This is where your research will help you, take note of the interface quality of the website as well as the software they have used. Check if their customer support is responsive and whether their payment procedures and gambling license credentials are in order. Finding a trustworthy cricket betting site for yourself is important for you to have a pleasant betting experience. A good starting point might be to focus on domestic play, such as the IPL. Some sites have specialized sections on The Indian Premier League and you can analyze a few of the previous IPL matches before placing your bet on the teams or on the players. After you are done choosing a betting site, create an account and make your deposit. You can start with your betting once you have received the welcome bonus.

Types of betting and the betting market

The most popular cricket betting market is the match or series outcome. Betting on a series outcome is more or less straightforward, there are just two teams competing against one another so the application of your knowledge and analysis can easily determine which side will most likely win over the course of three or five matches. However, a huge percentage of people betting on cricket do so just for entertainment purposes, they bet on their favorite teams or players for the sake of fun rather than the intention of making some money. But if you are new to cricket betting and wish to do so seriously then read up on the types of betting before you start placing your own bets. Some of the basic cricket bets are match betting, tied match, series winner and outright winner. You can also take a look at the law commissions’ view on cricket betting to get a better understanding of the Indian market.

Develop a suitable betting Strategy

There are various aspects of a cricket game which needs to be analyzed first for you to eventually make an informed selection. Two important factors to take into consideration before you place a bet are the weather conditions and the nature of the pitch, both of these aspects of the games can make a huge difference altogether. No two pitches are the same and we advise you to read up a few pitch reports to understand its importance in a cricket match. Similarly, the toss is an important factor to consider as well, it can have a huge bearing on the final outcome. You can also go through a detailed cricket betting guide at to develop your unique betting strategy.

Team and Player Statistics

We advise you to go through the cricket teams statistics carefully before placing wagers. You will usually be able to find a pattern and therefore predict how well a player or their team could perform. A comparison of their previous matches and an analysis of their performance can give you a clearer idea and a better in-depth understanding. Do not forget to check their performance under varied weather conditions, a batsman or a bowler may perform differently when the weather has changed unexpectedly.

Money Management

To know how to properly manage your money is crucial as it will allow you to consistently continue punting. The common rule is not to exceed 4% to 7% of your bankroll on your initial wagers. Try not to spend everything in one setting and have a good sense of money control. Remain calm and composed through the betting process and try to win back the money you lost.

We hope this article was helpful and that you have a fun betting experience. Good luck!

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