30 Beauty Products That Can Be Made at Home

30 beauty products that can be made at home

Many people prefer home-made beauty products that can flourish your beauty, we will get to know about 30 beauty products that can be made at home through this article. Home made beauty products are more effective and provide quick plus side-effects free output.

We all have experienced that, nowadays, you can see so many advertisements of numerous beauty products on every other platform. Be it televisions, smartphones, newspapers, magazines or hoardings. All such platforms which we come into contact with in our daily lives, are filled with advertisements of beauty products. Ever wondered why all of a sudden, markets are flooded with so many beauty products? It is because nowadays, people are becoming conscious of their looks and  they want to look good as today in corporate world, your personality matters a lot.  Not only in the corporate sector, every sector, and even every individual obviously gets your first impression by your looks. Also, pollution has been damaging our skins to a great extent. Nowadays, you need to take a great care of your skin as the environment is not like before. Home-made beauty products can be one of the best options to go for.

beauty products that can be made at home

This is a great time for all the cosmetic companies to create their market by providing all kind of skin care products and fetching good revenue out of it. Nowadays you just need to know the right brand's product for your skin problems and they eventually solve it too. But every coin has two sides. One good and the other bad. Same is with the cosmetic products. These beauty products help you solve your skin related problems for the present time but they contain a lot of chemicals that are not good for your skin for future. Ultimately, in the coming time, the side effects will be visible and that is not something any one of us would want right! Again, these products are costly as branded products are costly and other products which are not branded, will have really harmful effects so people tend to go for the branded ones only. So it is very essential for you to learn about some beauty products that you can make at home.

So here we’ll let you know some best beauty products that you can make at home using natural ingredients which will not have any side effects. These beauty products that you will make at home will not give instant results maybe but with consistent use they will definitely show you better results than the chemical beauty products available in market. These home-made beauty products will give you gains only and will be cost effective as well. All you need to have is patience for the results and consistency and that too no side effects for future too. So let us have a look at list of 30 beauty products that can be made at home.

30 Beauty Products that can be Made at Home

Avocado Hair Mask

You may be tempted to eat this, but it’s for your hair and will make it feel shiny and smooth. Coconut oil and honey join the party, and ensure that this is going to have a consistency that is easy to work with, and a finished product that is high quality.

Tea Tree and Lemon Scrub

This scrub will keep you feeling refreshed with the scent of lemon combined with the pine-like smell of tea tree oil. The lemon acts as an astringent for the skin, and the tea tree oil can help with acne and redness

Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment

This scalp treatment is the perfect remedy if you’ve gone a long time using store bought shampoos and conditioners. It will give your scalp a fresh start and removes some of the toxic build-up of chemicals and additives found in these products.

Spa Facial Mask

When you want a spa treatment but just can’t float it this is one way to get the same sort of relaxation without the high cost. Avocados and bananas are the simple ingredients that make up the bulk of this mask, and are sure to work their magic on the stress we hold in the face.

Vanilla Lip Balm

Here’s a way to have a lip balm that will not only leave a pleasant taste on your lips, but is made in a way that lets you have quality control over what you’re putting on your body. Your lips will love that this uses Shea butter!

Grapefruit Lip Balm

The tart flavor of grapefruit comes through on this lip balm, and its nutrients help your lips feel better and repair themselves.

Homemade Skin Cream

Skin cream can be expensive, and when the list of ingredients includes things that are hard to pronounce, you know it can’t be good for your skin. Solve all that with this natural, homemade skin cream that you can use daily and that costs far less than commercial brands.

Peppermint Bark Whipped Body Butter

A mixture of cocoa butter and Shea butter with a little bit of peppermint extract and you’ve got an amazing body butter with a refreshing scent.

Pre-Shave Oil

When it’s time to shave your legs it’s all about getting them ready first, and this pre-shave oil does just that. This is basically a mix of different essential oils with olive oil as the carrier, helping to create a better shaving experience with less irritation.

Eye Makeup Remover

Give your eyes the attention they deserve by properly removing your eye makeup at the end of the day. This remover not only effectively takes the makeup off, but helps your eyes recover with a soothing oil and revives them with Vitamin E.

Natural Moisturizer and Exfoliator

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this, and chances are you have the two main ingredients in your house right now. It uses the time tested moisturizing properties of olive oil combined with the exfoliating ability of sugar granules.

Lavender Lotion Bars

Whenever you’re feeling stressed out and want the effect of aromatherapy while at the same time improving the condition of your skin, reach for these. They use the time-tested scent of lavender to make you calm down, and shea butter to make your skin feel great.

Custom Color Nail Polish

Creating your own custom nail polish can save you from having to pay retail prices, and allows you to have control over the color that you just can’t get from premade polishes. A unique way of using clear polish mixed with eye shadow for just the right color you want.

Homemade Deodorant

You can get around this by making your own deodorant and leaving out the ingredients that can harm you, while still getting a fresh scent and feeling from essential oils.

Grapefruit Body Lotion

Grapefruit has some amazing properties to it, and you’ll feel it working when you use this body lotion made from red grapefruit. The smell is intoxicating and you’ll want to use it all the time. The more you use it, the better it makes your skin feel.

Natural Lip Scrub

Make sure your lips are  smooth with this natural lip scrub. It is made with honey, brown sugar, and just a few more ingredients, none of which you’d have any qualms with putting onto your lips. This can’t be said for some of the best-selling lip products out there.

Home Made Rosewater

You can use rosewater in a number of different applications, and it can be really pricey in stores. Making your own is hands down the best way to control the quality and save some money in the process. This recipe makes it so there’s no distilling required.

Strawberry Mask for Age Spots

This strawberry mask works well on reducing the appearance of age spots.

Honey Body Wash

This honey body wash is going to replace anything you’d buy at the store, which is great because you’ll be able to make it whenever you want, and it’s using natural ingredients like coconut.

Cocoa Butter Body Bar

Replace your moisturizer with this body bar and you’ll never look back. It’s going to provide you with all the moisturizing your skin needs, and provide a pleasant scent at the same time. You’ll smell it hours later and feel good all day.

Coffee Under Eye Cream

Leave your eyes feeling refreshed, and help fight the dark circles under your eye with this eye cream that uses coffee.

Rosemerry Shaving Cream

This shaving cream is best suited as an alternative to those chemical based creams and is applicable for both males and females.

Homemade Sugaring Wax

If you’re not a fan of going in for waxing, you might consider this at home version

Homemade Cinnamon Mouthwash

You can indeed make your own all-natural mouthwash at home: apparently, the fresh cinnamon in this recipe works even better than mint to make your breath fresh.

Olive Oil Makeup Remover

If you wear waterproof mascara, it’s likely that you wake up with black smudges under your eyes, no matter what eye makeup remover you use. Try this solution, using olive oil.

Cocoa Butter Milk Bath

You’ll love that you just throw all of the ingredients in this recipe in a bowl and mix them up. Add it to your bath and now you have a milk bath.

Activated Charcoal Mask

This is an amazing mask made with activated charcoal and rosewater.

Chocolate Almond Soap

Make a block of this almond soap and you’ll have a good supply of great smelling soap that leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth at the same time. There are plenty of different oils used in this soap, but it’s worth the time to assemble them all.

Chocolate Rose Hand and Body Cream

Don’t worry, no actual chocolate is harmed by the making of this body cream. You’ll be using a cocoa oil for that part, which will provide you with the aroma of chocolate, and probably end up making you crave some chocolate in the process of smoothing out your skin.

Exfoliating Chai Tea Soap

Chai or tea is not just something you can get at the coffee shop, it’s also a food item that can help you clean up. The exfoliating effect comes from adding in tea pieces to the top of the soap so it helps slough off your top layer of skin and impurities.

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So above are 30 best home-made beauty products or DIY beauty products which one can use without any fear of side effects or harmful effects of chemicals contained in cosmetics available in markets.

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