Arvind Kejriwal got Trolled On twitter, see why…..

On the Moday night, on 10.33 pm an earthquake of 5.8 Richter in density hit the Uttarakhand. It was not of too much density that's why loss of life and property were not reported. Though it shocked the people out there again as it was night people went in hassle to and fro and were seen tried finding the streets. They rushed outside. The tremors were felt for 30 seconds.

On this many well known people posted on twitter and in one of them there was the CM of New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who tweeted, “Earthquake In Delhi NCR. I pray for everyone's safety”.

And in reply of that people did not forgive him and slammed him badly.

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In many a times CM Arvind has been seen tweeting in respect of his work in the same time insulting PM modi saying that he did not let him do what he did on his own. Well, people on twitter never forgive celebrities tweeting anything.

This time Arvind Kejriwal was trolled without any cause.


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