April Fool Pranks & Jokes 2020: Ideas to Fool Your Friends

April Fools Day 2020 is just around the corner and everyone on this day plays many pranks on their loved and closed ones. Many of them are playful pranks but sometimes many pranks get too serious too which should be avoided. April Fools Day pranks and jokes are really fun to watch as long as you are not being fooled.


There are numerous playful April Fool pranks and Jokes available on the internet and people try them on each other and get a good dose of laughter. Although a questionable thing is a history of celebrating April Fools Day. It is not yet confirmed as to why and when this started but it is said that it is celebrated as a desire to celebrate the turning of seasons in springtime. Many people also date it back to tricks found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales from 1392.

Anyway, no matter why it is celebrated we need to just enjoy it so a number of April Fool pranks and jokes are mentioned below which one can use them to fool their closed ones and then shout April Fool.

9 Best April Fool pranks and jokes 2020

  1. You can swap the cream of Oreo biscuits with toothpaste.
  2. Fill donuts with mayonnaise.
  3. You can create fake insects image from papers or can buy from the market and use it to scare others.
  4. Paint the soap in your roommate’s bathroom with nail polish and leave it there. It should be fun, seeing your buddy, all covered in patches of whatever color of soap he uses. But remember to run when crap hits the fan.
  5. Mentos Ice Bombs: You can freeze the water in the ice tray and don’t forget to put mentos in every block and then give it to your friends who love soda. Surely it will work as they won’t like.
  6. Attach airhorns under the chair in your workplace or home, sounds lame but is extremely fun.
  7. You can create rumors and make them really awful. Although a bad idea since it’s April Fool Day and you can do so but it should not be something extreme.
  8. Prank calls are very common but one can use it if you are good at it.
  9. Go to streets full suited up and say something strange to the people passing by. They will still wonder who that idiot was the whole day.

So these are some of the April Fool 2020 pranks and jokes that can be used to fool anyone and these are pretty much harmless pranks. So, celebrate April Fool Day 2020 but pranks should be harmless too.

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