Alexa vs Siri, Everything You Need to Know

Alexa can easily be connected and supported through any smartphone or device but Siri only supports apple devices and can only operate on apple devices. Alexa allows the third-party app to download and developed for new devices.

What is Alexa?

Alexa vs Siri

Alexa is a found line of famous Echo device, a very popular voice-based virtual assistant from Amazon. Alexa is a new generation of communication intelligence which means Alexa can interact with you as much as you want and the way you want. you can start interacting with Alexa by simply saying “Alexa”. You can give commands and ask anything like weather, latest news, sports, movies, and train tickets. Alexa can set alarms and reminders for you. Alexa is a single device that gives you a full assistant experience.

What is Siri?

Siri vs Alexa, which is better

Siri is an Apple device virtual assistant and with intelligent virtual assistants, you can do any of your apple device work easily. Siri the beginning of the iPhone 4S Apple's voice personal assistant that is released in October 2011. 

The limited capability of Siri makes things easier for you like calling, messaging, searching content, and any of your quarry. After the Extention of Siri, the capability to merge into a third-party app is closed. Siri is easy to communicate with, because of its natural language which will quickly get our questions, quarry, or commands like checking messages, checking emails, finding the gym, and a lot of things.

Both Alexa and Siri are well known as smart intelligent assistants for good reasons. In the world of voice-based virtual assistance, Alexa and Siri both are the most popular in their field and can enhance your home like a smart home. 

You can have both assistants in your home or at work. Without the familiar hard wear, Siri will not work which means Siri only works on Apple devices. Alexa is a professional personal assistant at a low price provided by amazon. There are more smart products from amazon like Amazon Echo Dot by Amazon.

  • “Hundred of smart home devices are supported, by Siri.”
  • “Alexa can also support hundreds of  smart home devices.”
  • “Your privacy will remain as privacy by Siri.”
  • “Alexa can buy you anything from amazon on your command.”
  • “Easy to install and can put shortcuts in Siri.”
  • “You can buy Alexa at an affordable price.”
  • “Siri answers your question in a level-up way that will lift your mood.”
  • “Extreme music support.”

Apple products like iPhones, iPads, HomePod, and apple car play can also be supported by Siri.

Alexa supports many devices like Amazon Echo and Fire TV streaming stick and it doesn't stop here that means Alexa can support any speaker and turn into smart speakers.

  • “Siri can able to understand your command no matter how casually you speak.”
  • “Alexa sometimes requires specific syntax.”
  • “One of the best features of Siri is her sense of humor.”
  • “Siri can do your work in a blink of an eye.”
  • “Skills like calling messaging and many more are added every day in Alexa.”

They are very good assistants and their jobs too, both of them can teel upcoming events, the weather of the day after yesterday and many more. Since they are virtual assistants still there are kinds of differences in their answers.

If you are talking casually to Alexa may be Alexa won't respond but Siri will respond. However, you can not choose between Alexa and Siri because both are voice-based virtual assistants you can use both of them according to your affordability and suitability.

If you are already an Apple user then you can't be able to face any barriers while using Siri. Siri is secure, speedy, and a little quick to understand your quality. Siri seems to be quite funny at some times. However, if you want a smart home with a support guarantee for all devices then Alexa is the best assistant for you. simply support more hardware.


  • “Capable of voice interactions”
  • “Music playback'
  • “Can make to-do lists”
  • “Setting alarm”
  • “Steaming podcast”
  • “Playing audiobooks”
  • “Provide weather conditions”
  • “Traffic alerts”
  • “Sports activity news”
  • “real-time information”
  • “Can control sevral ddevices”

There is an Alexa app also available on the play store, apple store, google play and Amazon AppStore. The app can be used by the owner on the Alexa assistant and the owner can control music, manage devices, alarms, and view shopping lists.


  • “Siri can perform phone actions like searching the internet for information, managing device settings, navigations, language translation.”
  • “Siri's original voice is an American accent was Susan Bennett and was recorded in 2005 not knowing that it will gonna be used for Siri.

How do Alexa and Siri are different?

  • “Alex is amazons famous Echo device and wildly popular as voice-based a virtual assistant.”
  • “Siri only works on Apple devices and lets you do your work easy and fast.”
  • “You can start interaction with Alexa by saying “Alexa” at once.”
  • “Siri starts interacting with you in many ways like pressing and holding the home button, or saying “Hi Siri”.”
  • “Alexa is a new generation artificial voice intelligence.”
  • “Siri is a natural language voice-based assistant.”
  • “Speciality of Alexa is online shopping on Amazon's main forte.”

Alexa vs Siri: Which is Better?

Alexa or Siri. This is difficult to find which one is better so let's find out their features. What do they do? And how their voice bots work.

When we talk about voice bots these two is the best voice virtual assistant in the market. While managing your smart homes, Alexa and Siri playfully answer your quarry to lift your mood. But to give you an accurate answer we will check all three main features they carry out every day.

Accuracy of Answer: Alexa vs Siri

Alexa and Siri both are good enough to respond to people's quarry but their accuracy levels are different. so let's see how much accurate are they?

In research, Siri answers 75% of all the questions correctly, and Alexa answers 72.5% of the problems. You can see Siri is the best here but still, this is not over yet we need to see and compare the rest of the 2 features also.

so Loup Ventures have done the same test and Siri answered 83.1% of correct answers while Alexa has done 79.8% of the query.

Music: Alexa vs Siri

Playing music is one of the most casual commands that can be given. Music can lead you to a good mood and sometimes make you remember memories too and everyone loves to listen to music. Alexa plays music from Amazon music and it's way a better experience than Spotify, Sawan, and youtube music. 

But Siri failed here because Siri needs an apple music membership to play music. So here Alexa is one of the best personal assistants when it comes to playing music.

Online Shopping: Alexa vs Siri

In this technological generation, online shopping is not a big deal and it also become so easy to find what you need at a suitable price. we are well known for the fact that Alexa is a famous product of Amazon so it is an advantage to find any product easily, in one command.

Shopping from Amazon with Alexa is feel like a real person telling you your shopping list. And Siri is still now not even developed for online shopping. 

So, now you know about Alexa and Siri both and which one is suitable for which command and query so choose wisely.

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