Aladdin : 2019 Magical Fantasy Trailer Released

Aladdin, as we all know, is a very old tale which many of us must have heard about or read somewhere in our storybooks. It is based on the Arabian background where Aladdin the protagonist of the story finds a magic lamp and with its help fulfill all his wishes through a Jinn. Our childhood has been filled with such wonderful stories and the best part for all the kids is that they will be able to see the story now as it is an upcoming American movie directed by Guy Ritchie with the help of the screenplay co-written by John August and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Now many of you must be excited to know what is the caste composition of this musical fantasy film so here it is. Mena Massoud is playing the role of Aladdin and Will Smith is playing the role of Jinn. Not only this we all also know that Aladdin was in love with a beautiful princess namely, but Jasmine and that role is also being played by Naomi Scott.

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Not only this there are other important roles too which are being played by highly appreciated actors namely, Marwan Kenzari who is playing Jafar in the movie, Navid Negahban as the Sultan, and many alike. The music given in this movie depicting our classic tales is given by Alen Menken. This movie is going to be released on the 24th of May, 2019 in the United States in the English language.  Obviously, people are waiting to watch this movie as they have read these stories in their childhood and getting an opportunity to see this again, would be a really great day for them. Also, the amount of hard work the cast and crew members put in their work to create the same magic is highly appreciating and their hard work should get paid.

Aladdin Poster 2019 trailer

Aladdin has been one of such stories that contained within it different genres be it comedy, romance, tragedy, fantasy or musical. It has been a great mix of all the genres which makes it worth reading and now worth watching too. Another amazing thing is that Disney never fails to amaze its audience by giving such extraordinary films and experiences. So do go and watch your favorite story and relive your childhood memories.

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