Aamir Khan’s Dangal Movie Breaking Records On the Box Office

Dangal Movie is unstoppable on the box office. It is again like “Der aye durust aye”. The content of the story is based on a wrestling biopic with a very impressive message. Aamir again has proved him to be a dark horse and the year ended up with a blockbuster movie.


Till Tuesday, Dangal managed to earn approx. 155 crores. The script of the movie has been very beautifully written and also has been performed by the actors and actresses very well. Aamir khan, a 51 year old actor, should be complimented for his experimenting roles. Moreover, other casts have done their job very well.

Through the movie, a message is being given that we should also give preference to female child. They are no less than others. The dialogue for the same is getting popular – “Mhaari chhoriyaan chhoron se kum hain ke ?”


Basically, the plot and language is like Sultan and the content too( wrestling ). But the message being given is quite different. Comparing to sultan, Dangal movie has been well written and played. Moreover, Aamir's acting is incomparable in this movie. There have been used very sensible dialogues in the movie like “Je ek baat Hamesha yaad rakhna beta, Silver jiti to aaj nahi to kal log tane bhul jayenge, Gold jiti to mishal ban jaavegi” by Aamir.

Overall, Dangal is complete Dhamaka on the box office. It is a family movie with a pure, and sensible message.

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