7 Ways to Build more Intimacy in Relationship with Partner

Building intimacy is really important for relationships especially when a lot of time has been passed as with time people start taking each other for granted and the relationship becomes boring and lifeless. So today we have came with some ways to build more intimacy in your relationship.

Relationships nowadays goes through a lot of problems. The hectic schedules, social media distractions, lack of communication, intimacy, trust and a lot more alike issues. These problems can be solved but it needs combined efforts of partners by communicating more and building that intimacy again. Building intimacy does not simply means physical intimacy but  a more of emotional bond that needs to be formed with each other. Both should get connected to each other mentally and emotionally and then physical intimacy. So here we are to help you with how to build more intimacy in your relationship.

Following are the methods by which you can build more intimacy in your relationship and bring your relationship back to track and make it again full of love.

7 ways to build more intimacy in your relationship.

Express your love

Sometimes, when we stay for long in a relationship we start forgetting expressing our love the way we used to do when the relationship was new. So you must express how important your partner is for you and their value in your life.


The key to a healthy relationship and lifestyle as well is communication. Communicate as much as you can, tell them how your day was, what things are bothering you, what needs to get changed everything. It will surely
build more intimacy in your relationship.

Cuddles and eye contacts

Who doesn’t likes being loved? No one right! And best way to show you love someone and care for them , cuddles are a best way to make them feel loved. While talking to each other , maintain eye contact and  this what intimacy is all about.

Sitting together even in silence and still not being awkward or bored.

Make time for each other and try to reach out to each other as much as possible

No matter how busy your schedule gets, you should always try to make the for each other , be it just 15-20 mints in a day but make that time count. Do not get distracted by anything during that time and stay focused on each other and this will definitely build more intimacy in your relationship back.

Listen and show gratitude and respect

The very important thing in a relationship is not just expressing  yourself but you should also try to be a patient and active listener. By listening to your respective partners you will understand them more and whenever they do something for you, show your gratitude towards them as they will feel their efforts have been recognised which is a great thing.

Keep things playful

Be playful, light hearted and tease your partner in romantic ways and don’t ever stop flirting with your partner as it will bring you two close always no matter how much time has passed.

Plan a trip and take ugly pictures together

Plan a romantic trip with your partner, stay away from phones and just enjoy the moment. Click many pictures be it good or bad and not for the purpose of showing it off in social media instead do it just for your memory.

So these are 7 ways to build more intimacy in your relationship and these will surely work and bring you close to your partner.

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