11 New Things to Learn this Summer for Free

Summer holidays are the best time to learn something new, something different which one cannot do in the other times of the year because of the hectic schedules. One should not waste their summer holidays just lying in bed and scrolling social media but instead should do something productive which will help them in their coming days. So here we will tell you 11 new things to learn this summer for free.

Never stop learning no matter what age you are. One should utilize their free time in doing something they love because any skill is useful to us at any point in our lives.

11 new things to learn this summer absolutely free of cost.

#Learn a new language

One should be proficient in any other languages other than their mother tongue. This will helpful in enhancing your personality and you will get to know about different words and their meanings, hence enhancing your verbal skills. Various apps are there online for learning different languages, that too free of cost.

Learn a new language

#Learn to Code

If you are interested in knowing the technical knowledge of the apps and want to learn how to make them, learn coding. Again a tons of apps are available online where you can learn coding for free.

things to learn in summer vacations

#Improve your public speaking skills

Public speaking skills are highly important in today’s world. You can take the University of Washington’s Intro to Public speaking for free online. It will help you know the tricks related to situations like presentations, Interviews and a lot more.

Improve your public speaking skills

#Art of Negotiation

One should know how to negotiate in their business as well as in personal life in order to live a great life and Stanford’s Stan Christensen will help you in this which is available free of cost online.

what to learn in summer vacations Art of Negotiation


If you love painting, art, drawing, sketching, go for it. You must not be getting time in the busy schedules of your life so utilize this summer and sketch down your imagination and thoughts and make a memory for the entire year.

What can i learn in summer vacations

#Play with mathematics

If you are not good at something, don’t run away from it, Instead face it. So for all the people who are not good at mathematics and facing problems, use Saylor's.org real world mathematics online website which will help you with solving mathematics from the basic for free.

what can i explore in summer holidays

#Enhance reading speed

Spreeder is a free online program which will help you enhance your reading speed and you will enjoy reading faster and more efficiently.

things to learn in summer holidays


Start with Yoga. Yoga will help you get inner peace and you will get to become disciplined, focussed and positive in your life and handle situations calmly. You can get help from various apps online , absolutely free.

what to learn in summer


One can learn cooking various cuisines of different countries just by sitting at home with the help of YouTube totally free. Enhance your cooking skills.


#Music and instruments

If you are music lover, get to learn new music and how to play musical instruments for free of cost with the help of various apps available online.

best things to do in summer vacations


Gaming enhances a lot of skills which remains dormant in humans. So play games that you love be it indoor or outdoors. Utilize your time in learning new games and tricks through Internet.

how to spend time in summer best way

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So above are 11 new things one can learn this summer for free and don’t waste your time sleeping the whole day Instead get up and develop your skills and knowledge.

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