10 Best Free Android Applications For Education

No wonder that smartphone users spend lots of their time in searching various applications on Play store, and store is filled with thousands of applications and in those applications there are also some malicious applications which spoil your phone partially or completely. If you search for a specific dictionary you will find thousands of application but when you download them you will find that it is not offline or it is incomplete or say restricted to few letters and for further you have to pay. So before you download any application about which you are not fully aware you must go through the reviews fully. Nowadays some malicious application developers have surpassed reviews by send pre using pop up that will say you to give 5 stars to the application. And yeah if you have better experience with any application you should not avoid reviewing it as your reviews help other users finding that applications behavior.


There are lots of educational application for students on Google playstore. All are not from the same line of business so I can not list any application that is restricted to few users like Companies Act 2013 application which is beneficial for only those who are from commerce field. That’s why I am giving you list of 10 best free android applications for education and no matter what you are pursing, these applications are going to help you.


1. Photomath

Photomath application allows you to access results in real time. This application uses your phone camera and gives instant result. You can use manual calculator as well. You can also download Mathway if you like manual calculator. Mathway is a fully functional calculator.

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Written by Shaurya

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