10 Best Free Android Applications For Education

No wonder smartphone users spend lots of their time searching various applications on Play Store, and the store is filled with thousands of applications in those applications, there are also some malicious applications that spoil your phone partially or completely. If you search for a specific dictionary you will find thousands of applications but when you download them you will find that it is not offline or it is incomplete or says restricted to a few letters and for further you have to pay. So before you download any application about which you are not fully aware you must go through the reviews fully. Nowadays some malicious application developers have surpassed reviews by sending pre-using pop-ups that will say you to give 5 stars to the application. And yeah if you have a better experience with any application you should not avoid reviewing it as your reviews help other users find that application's behavior.

There are lots of educational applications for students on the Google play store. All are not from the same line of business so I can not list any application that is restricted to a few users like the Companies Act 2013 application which is beneficial for only those who are from the commerce field. That's why I am giving you a list of the 10 best free android applications for education and no matter what you are pursuing, these applications are going to help you.

Best Android Applications for Education March 2024

1. Photomath

Photomath application allows you to access results in real time. This application uses your phone camera and gives instant results. You can use the manual calculator as well. You can also download Mathway if you like the manual calculators. Mathway is a fully functional calculator.

2. BYJU's

BYJU'S application is best for students. The application consists of lots of videos on various courses which you can access for free. The application is not only helpful for students up to class 12 but also for higher education. The videos are made by professionals in such a way that you will grasp the topic in the blinking of an eye. So, don't waste your time and download the application if you have not downloaded it yet.

3. WPS office

WPS (Word + PowerPoint + Spreadsheet) office is undoubtedly the most used and loved application. It allows the users to experience the office application on a smartphone though it is not fully functional it has most of the essential functions therein.

4. Solo Learn Programming Applications

If you love programming and want to increase your skills in programming languages, you can download Solo learn applications for the specific language. Solo learn team has made lots of applications for different languages be it HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, SQL, you can learn in an interesting manner. There are practice workings too for the same.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a very helpful notepad application. You can note down anything with a variety of features. Even with the free plan, you can get productive in life. The note editor has some rich features including code blocks, tables, color or highlight the important tasks, and whatnot. It is a widely used application for more productivity. Students can get the most out of the cloud-based notepad application.

6. Hindi English Dictionary

Hindi English dictionary application made by Innovative software team is a very popular application. This application is very helpful and gives extended results with respect to antonyms and synonyms.

7. INKredible

INKredibe application is a very impressive application. It gives a variety of features. The application can be used for various occasions. It can be used as a whiteboard application. This application is not totally free and is restricted to some features for free users. I am giving you the link for direct download of the paid version of the application which will give you access to different pen tools and styles.

Click here

8. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)- alarm

Most of the time we see students who have good IQ and everything that should have been but they fail to give their best due to wrong time management and estimation. Default alarms are not that helpful if not used wisely as one stops it on the very first ring. So, there is an application called Alarmy with which you can set an alarm with some extended options. You just set a registered place by clicking a picture and when the alarm starts you will be asked to click the picture and it will stop on approval. This way these kinds of extended options confirm your wake-up time easily.

9. Google Translate

Google Translate application is a very helpful application who want to improve their language or learn a new language. If you are in a place which language you don't know then using this tremendous application developed by Google Inc. itself you can easily sort out your dilemma.

10. Digital Detox

Nowadays, technology has put a very bad effect on the student's minds and they look very busy using Facebook, Whatsapp, playing Games, and whatnot. All that puts a break in the continuous reading. To remove all that you can download the Digital detox challenge application with the link below.

Download here

Over To You

So, these are some of the best apps for education that you can use for enhancing your reading experience. I hope you liked the above-listed applications. Please do share your views in the comment section below.

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